Maui Wedding Planning Trip: The Most Perfect Day on Maui

Now we absolutely loved our whale encounter, but surprisingly it wasn't our most perfect day on Maui. We also loved our visit to our venue and all the tastings we got to do that day. But, that wasn't our most perfect day either since it was a lot of wedding business. Our most perfect day was our last full day on Maui. Our only full day in Kihei.

We got up bright and early to attend an owner's meeting at our condo. We got 1000 free points for doing it, so yeah. It's kind of nice getting up so early when you don't have to go to work since you can get so much done. Do you know what I mean? Plus, we got to see the ocean so calm in the early morning light.

Another view from our room.

After our meeting we headed to Kihei Cafe. Another recommendation from my friend, Sarah. Drew got the Local Moco. It's a ridiculously huge meal, but you have to get it at least once when you are on Maui. I had Hawaiian sweet bread french toast for the second day in a row. That stuff is seriously addicting!

Pretty yellow flowers outside of Kihei Cafe.

Loco Moco- ridiculous, right?

After breakfast, we headed as far down as we could on the South Side. My friend, Brea, had told us about this place where the spinner dolphins liked to go and we were hoping to see them. Unfortunately, we didn't see them on this trip, but we found so many great places along the way. Sarah had also told us to go down this way for another reason and without Sarah's description, I don't think we would have gone down as far as we did. Thanks to both Sarah and Brea! We wouldn't have found our most favorite place on the island if it hadn't have been for you ladies. 

As we were making our way we started seeing where the latest (over 200 years ago) lava had erupted on Maui. It was so pretty seeing the black lava against the crystal blue water. The further we went the more remote it became and the more beautiful. 

The road got smaller and started to break apart a bit when we came upon the lava fields. They were unbelievable. It was like the ground had parted to allow the road to go through them. Even though I knew it was really because man had cut though the lava fields to create the road it didn't look or feel like it. Instead you felt surrounded by the force that is Mother Nature and all that she can do. 

Driving through the lava fields. 

Once we drove all the way until the end of the road we turned around to go back to the last spot where you could go down to the ocean. We figured that must have been where Brea was talking about to see the dolphins. We didn't end up finding the dolphins, but we did find the most incredible spot to snorkel- La Perouse.

The area was really rocky with all of the lava, but once you got into the water it was all worth it. Right when I stuck my face in the water to check my mask I saw that there was a Humuhumunukunkuapuaa at my feet. I got so excited and pulled my face out of the water to tell Drew what I'd seen. I had no idea how much more we would see once we went out into the water.

I have a confession to make. This is the first time I have even been really snorkeling. Sure, I've put on a mask in a pool, but that doesn't really count. I may have gone snorkeling when we lived in Hawaii when I was younger, but I have no memory of that as all. I'm pretty sure I never did since I was so young.

The water was so clear and the coral with everything growing around it was amazing. We saw all kinds of yellow fish and little black ones covered in little white polka dots. I also saw the most amazing angel fish with an electric blue outline around it's body, orange flower like fins around its tail and a long electric yellow tail that looked like ribbons. Oh, how I love snorkeling!

We stayed out in the water for over an hour in this area before we decided to head back to hit some of the other places we passed along the way. That's when we came upon this little area with no one else around and lots of tide pools. It was the perfect place to stop and explore.

Such pretty colored rocks with little fish swimming around. 

We stayed along this stretch of the beach until some others came along and decided it was time to move on to Makena Beach aka Big Beach. Now this is the beach where my mom got caught in a current and sucked out to sea for about 5 hours when we lived on Maui. She wasn't exactly thrilled that they were going to go there. But, I didn't care. Makena beach is beautiful, we weren't going way out in the water and I am in no way afraid of the water. I've always been a water baby and always will be! Besides, this place has too much beauty to pass it up.

After we had a great time swimming at Big Beach and laid in the sun, we moved along further up the road.  We were hoping to grab some late lunch/early dinner from the JAWZ truck, but it had already left for the day. Luckily, we came across a man selling fresh coconuts on the side of the road. Why doesn't anyone do this in Portland?

Tasted so sweet!

We may have missed the JAWZ truck, but lucky for us their actual restaurant wasn't too far from our timeshare. By this time we were pretty hungry and ready to dig in. We probably ordered more than we needed to, but their food is just so tasty!

Ahi Fish Tacos from JAWZ

After linner we hit Hilo Hattie one more time to pick up a couple more things for the wedding. We also ran into the grocery store next to it to get some Roselani Haupia ice cream. You must get some when you are on the islands. It is glorious coconut pudding ice cream and it is heaven on your tongue! You can thank us now for telling you about it. Nomnomnom!

On our way back to our timeshare, we stopped at the beach to make sure we didn't miss the sunset. Since it was our last night on the island it was really important to us that we got to see it. We were so glad that we did, too. It was simply amazing! There's nothing like taking the time to stop and watch the sunset.

I dug into that ice cream as soon as we got back into our room. It was so yummy I was glad the woman we bought Drew's wedding band from had suggested it to us. Yes, Drew dug right in, too. He also used it to make a boozy milk shake using Hawaiian coconut vodka. Yum!

We spent the rest of the night swimming in the pool and sadly, packing up to return home the next day. Neither of us ever wanted to leave. We were glad to know that we would be back again in less than six months, but it would have been better if we never had to leave. Until then, we will be counting down the 145 days from today until we are back on Maui.

Stay tuned for the next exciting conclusion of our Maui Wedding Planning Trip? Will we return to Portland? Find out here with another installment of our Maui adventures. 

What kind of things make a vacation day perfect for you? Do you have a hard time leaving vacation spots you love at the end of your trip?

Did you miss some of our Maui Wedding Planning Trip? Here's a recap:

*We had a layover on Oahu

*We finally arrived on Maui

*We had our wedding cake tasting.

*We checked-up Paia and Baldwin Beach

*We fell in love with Iao Valley.

*We went to Kihei.  

All photos are personal photos.

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