RAWR! Attack of the Wedding Nightmare!

Oh, I know I said I was going to post more about our Maui Wedding Planning Trip today, but I had my first wedding nightmare last night! So you will have to wait until tomorrow for more Maui. You'll be fine. Don't worry. The Maui posts will really be back tomorrow.


Now this wasn't a Freddy Kruger kind of nightmare. I wasn't being chased down or ripped into shreds. It wasn't a Grover kind of nightmare either where there was a lesson to learn and everything worked out in the end. No this was a things didn't work out as planned kind of nightmare.


Thankfully, it wasn't really about the wedding. It was actually about the at home reception. And nothing happening the way we've been planning. In fact, not a single thing was how we've planned. Not even my dress.


At least, I had a dress. But it was ugly. Looked like it was right out of the 90's. Right down to the veil. I may live in Portland, but I'm so not down for living the dream of the 90's. Especially when it comes to my wedding dress!

Not only was I in this horrible dress, but we were also at a hotel. One of those kinds that conventions are held at. In a room with no windows and weird carpet. You know, like one of those rooms they put you in for trainings at hotels. Yeah, we are planning on having our at home reception at our house. Not some impersonal hotel.

So, I get there, in my ugly dress and nothing is set up. Not only is nothing set up, but there's some dance thing going on with a DJ and they are charging people to get in. They tell me I'm going to have to pay $8 per person to get in. What? I'm suppose to pay $8 for each of my guests to get into the hotel? I don't think so!

I'm explaining to this woman I'm suppose to be having my wedding reception there, that they shouldn't be having a night club where my reception is supposed to be and that I am not about to pay more money then I already did for each of my guests to come through the door.

The woman tells me I'm wrong and that my reception is scheduled for the 27th. Since they didn't have anything scheduled for that night they decided to have an impromptu night club. I'll still have to pay $8 per head if me and my guests want to come in.

I tell her again there is no way I am paying more money and point out that it is the 27th. Maybe she should check her calendar before double booking events. I also told her that her double booking and trying to get more money out of me was a breech of our contract which I just so happened to have in my car.

When I come back from the car with the contract, she tells me they must have messed up their days and would put me in another room. With some free drinks. We get to this room and it's where they store all of the extra conference tables and chairs. And those so called free drinks are a couple cases of warm Pepsi. I hate Pepsi!

Of course, I am beyond livid at this point. That Pepsi was the last straw! We are crammed in a stuffy storage room, nothing is done how it was suppose to be for decoration, food or drinks, there's rave music pumping through the wall, there's only warm Pepsi to drink AND I'm in a really ugly dress. I start screaming about how I'm going to sue when I finally wake up realizing I just had my first wedding nightmare. I sure hope I don't have anymore of those. They are stressful!

Have you had any wedding nightmares? Was there anything you were able to do to have them not come back?

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