I Plan, Therefore I Am

I'm a planner and not just in the sense that I love to plan. Literally, I plan for everything. It is part of my identity and who I am. From our house budget to the the food we will be having for the week to our social calendar to all of our parties to our vacations and so much more. I plan, therefore I am.

Even today, while my daughter is in oral surgery, I am planning a billion and one things at a time. I'm going over our schedule until the wedding (WHOA, talk about full!), figuring out which vendors need to be paid next, making a grocery list, making a plan to be bathing suit ready by July 1st, checking on the orders for our at home reception invitations, verifying the monthly meetings for the non-profit I am treasurer and secretary of and going over our household budget. Yup, it's a light day for me. Normally, I would also be working to find families for children waiting in foster care, running errands and making all of our meals from scratch while I am doing all of this other stuff. I guess there might just be a reason Mom calls me Wonder Woman, after all.

Because of my love of planning, it should come as no surprise to others that we did not hire a wedding planner. Yes, even with a destination wedding. I just didn't see the point to pay someone to do what I could do. Or in my eyes, to pay someone to just be in my way of getting everything I needed to get done.

If we had hired a wedding planner, I would have still wanted to keep track of everything. I would have still wanted to talk to all of my vendors and set everything up myself. I would have still wanted to know and plan every detail of our wedding. See, no point in us paying for a wedding planner. It would just mean throwing our money away.

We can figure out the who, what, where and whens of our wedding without a planner.

Yes, I get that on our wedding day we aren't going to want to be running around tending to all the little details. I know we will need to relax and get ready. But, I also know I wouldn't be able to trust those kinds of things to just anyone. That's where MOH Nicki, Amanda, Mom and Nicki's daughter, Mykal come in. They I trust. They will be taking care of the last minute details for me because they know me and know how I'd want all of it done.

As we've moved along in wedding planning, I've been really happy with all of the vendors we've booked and how everything's come together. I've even found some really awesome vendors, like Ha'awina Farms, through other vendors that I never would have found otherwise. Even if we had a wedding planner. Our venue has been incredibly easy to work with, answers all of our questions quickly and has really been a one stop shop for us. Not only are we having our wedding ceremony at their beach side location, but also our reception over looking the ocean at their amazing restaurant, staying at their property for a week and having them make our wedding cake. Couldn't get much easier than that. Oh and Ha'awina Farms is who makes all of the amazing bouquets at our venue that I talked about before and still find to be simply breathtaking.

I've learned so much while planning our own wedding that I've even had friends who are getting married ask me for wedding planning advice, ideas on vendors and help on DIY wedding projects. My number one advice to all of them is to plan your own wedding; only you know what you really want. I've loved helping them and been so happy that I could. Plus, now I can wear shirts like this:

hehe I don't really want to wear shirts like this.

Although I'd rather wear the great T-shirts MOH, Nicki and I made wear on the airplane to Maui, for the Welcome Hukilau and while around the island to show off we were Just Maui'd. But, that my dears is a post for another day.

Do you share my passion for planning? Are you planning your own wedding or did you hire a wedding planner?

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