Wedding Flowers

One of the great things about having a destination wedding on the island of Maui is that it comes with its own flowers.  We will be surrounded by fresh tropical flowers growing naturally.  Not to mention that our venue is also known for their beautiful flower arrangements.




Beautiful, right?! Why would we need to hire a florist and pay for flowers when all of this will all be around us for free. They even said that they can use their own flowers from around their property to decorate our wedding cake. Check and check! Wedding flowers really couldn't have been any easier for us. And we can't argue with a free price tag!

They even use flowers all over their food.

Even though we won't have a say in the exact flowers at our wedding and reception, we are excited to see what flowers the day will bring. We think it will be a nice surprise to have on our wedding day.  It's also one less stress for us to not have to pick out or even think about flowers. Well, that is besides the leis.

Besides, it's not like we are having a traditional wedding party or even doing all of the traditional wedding flowers. Drew won't even be wearing a boutonniere. The only traditional wedding flower item we will be having is my bouquet and even that won't be traditional. But, that's a post for another time.

Has there been anything that's usually a major part of wedding planning that you didn't have to do? Would you be able to just leave your wedding flowers up to whatever your venue provided?

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