DIY: Here a Moo. There a Moo. Everywhere a Moo Moo.

Do you Moo? I hadn't myself until very recently. I'd toyed with the idea, but never actually joined in. I liked the idea of Mooing, but never thought I had a reason to Moo.  That all changed a few days ago.  Let me take you back to where in all started. 

I was first introduced to Moo while reading Stinkerpants' blog. This was way back in the day when I still said I was never getting married.  I even emailed Sara aka Stinkerpants at one point, telling her how much I liked her illustrations and thought they'd be so cute to use for something like a wedding invitation, but since I was never going to get married that wasn't going to be happening. Oh, the things we say! 

Sara had all of these little cards she had printed up with photos from a road trip that her and her husband had taken together before they were married. The cards were from the website I'd never heard of before, Moo.  She then took all of the cards and compiled them in a frame.  I thought it was the cutest idea and such a fun idea/way to display a huge trip.  I filed away the information on wanting to do this myself some day and went about my day. 


Fast forward to a few days ago and Moo Minicards popped into my head. Drew and I have so many fabulous engagement pictures that we want to show off as much as possible.  However, coming up with ways to share them (force them on) with others that we think they will enjoy (be able to stomach) isn't always the easiest thing. We've got using some on our wedding website, posting a few on Facebook, printing some up and other every day ideas.  Then I remembered Moo Minicards and thought that this could be another fun way to share our engagement photos with others. Really I was all excited I'd thought of a reason to get my own minicards! 

I went over to Moo, signed up for an account and got to work.  I uploaded some of our engagement pictures and decided which ones I thought looked best at minicards. I tired to pick photos that haven't been shared as much, that aren't up on our website and aren't being used for any of our other wedding paper. I wanted to give friends and family a chance to see some of the other photos they might not have normally had a chance to see. 

Making Moo minicards was very easy.  The program walks you through the steps and at the end I had 8 different designs for our very own Moo cards. It's a great DIY project if you aren't very crafty, but still want to do a little project for your wedding or other event to give it a personal touch. 

Our order has now been placed and we are currently waiting for them to get here! Luckily, I've heard that they arrive very quickly. 

If you want to check-out Moo for yourself and create your own fabulous minicards, click here. I promise you won't be disappointed. They have many other products, as well. 

Have you used Moo minicards for anything for your wedding? Or have you used them for anything else? Do share. 


Sara said...

Aw, thanks for the mention! I hope it turns out well!

kimmy kupcakes said...

Thank you for introducing me to Moo. We got our minicards and are very happy with them. We also plan on doing one of the minicard collages with a tiki road trip that we took a couple years to hang in our basement tiki bar.


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