Wedding Shoes

The story of how I found my wedding shoes isn't exactly exciting.  I actually had them even before we got engaged.  There was no drooling over different styles, surfing the Internet or searching on foot for long hours.

One raining Oregon afternoon, Drew and I found ourselves doing a little shopping at Nordstrom Rack. I happened to wonder over to the shoes, even though I really didn't need any and eyed a pair of beautiful red heels.  I loved them the second I saw them and had to try them on. You've been there, right? They fit perfect. I didn't have any reason to buy them and certainly didn't need them.  I figured they'd probably be way to expensive, but turned them over to see what the price was.

They really were perfect! Not only did they fit perfect and were my favorite color, red, but they also were such a good price that there was no way I could leave them all alone in that big store. Their original price was ridiculous, but after a few Rack markdowns and an additional discount off of shoes that day they pretty much paid me to take the shoes home. I of course, happily obliged.

Now I had these freaken hot red heels and no where to wear them. I put them in the bottom of my closet to keep them safe until the opportunity to wear them presented itself. I knew that they needed to stay in that drawer until just the right moment. Being a great classic style and fabric, I didn't have to worry about them going out of style waiting for the opportunity to arise.  

More than 2 years after that Drew and I started to have the wedding talk and decided to get married.  We had a ton figured out for what we wanted for our wedding even before he did the official popping of the question.  One of those things was our wedding colors. Once the colors were figured out I knew I finally had just the right moment to wear those gorgeous red shoes I had picked up a couple years prior; for our wedding day!

I just love the look of when a bride wears colored shoes. Don't you? I knew it was something I wanted to do and was happy for it to be another easy check off of our wedding checklist. Check on fabulous red heels on our wedding day!

Love the look of red shoes on a bride!
Oh, you want to see the shoes, I got? Sorry, but you will have to wait until the wedding.

What kind of shoes will you or did you wear on your wedding day? Did you go with traditional white or mix it up with a splash of color?

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