Manicure Fit For a Wedding

I've been on a bit of a bridal beauty streak this week. First I talked about my hair and then I talked about what I was going to do for wedding day make-up. (Yes, Drew and wedding guests you are not supposed to click on those links!) Next up we have pretty hands and feet. Yes, Drew and wedding guests, this is your cue to make like a leaf and leave!

Loving this beautiful leaf on Maui.
{personal photo taken by the very hunky, Drew}

I love manicures. I love pedicures even more. I love heels and dressing up and feeling pretty. I love wearing lipstick and false eyelashes. I love how Drew loves that I do these things.

With my first shower coming up next week and wanting to get a manicure and pedicure for it to have pretty toes and fingers for the day, I've started to think more about how I will have my nails and toes done up for our wedding day. Having pretty nails that day is important to me and I know my having them is important to Drew, too. But, what to do for them?

I will be getting my nails done the day before the wedding at a nail salon I have never been to before. I've been going to the same nail salon in Portland for years and I love their work. Since we will be arriving on Maui 6 days before the wedding I won't be able to have my nails done by the place I know and trust. Instead, I have to put my faith in another and hope I don't end up with something I HATE.

Pretty much my manicure nightmare.

Don't get me wrong, I'd like to do something a little fun with my nails on our wedding day. I just don't want fake nails and I don't want french tips. Personally I can't stand either. Maybe I could get pictures of Drew put on my nails. Like Katy Perry did while her and Russel Brand were still dating. Wait, that relationship didn't work out, did it? Might not be the best idea....

Lovers face on your nails?

Since we are having a retro wedding and I like the idea of using our wedding colors, I am leaning towards having my finger nails painted red. It would go great with how I'm having my make-up done, is fun and gives a nice pop of color. Plus, it's not really something a nail salon I'm not use to could mess up on.

Love the red nails.

Now I can't forget about my toes. I love all of the fun wedding day photos showing feet. Since my shoe has a peep toe, it's important to have the toe nails look their best. I could have red toes, too. Plus, Drew is a huge fan on when I get pedicures and my feet looking pretty. I swear, it's one of the reasons that he loves me. He's such a foot guy!

Pretty shoes.
Well, what do you think? Should I go with red nails to complete my retro bridal look?

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