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Or My Wedding Hair Dilemma Part 2

When I talked about what I wanted to do with my hair for the wedding last week, I had no intention of writing a second post about it. Well, of course there would have been the post much later on showing what I actually did with my hair, but not another one trying to figure it out. It's been bugging me so much though that I couldn't figure it out that I decided to show Drew what I was thinking to get some feedback from him.

When I first asked him if he would help give me some input, he was very hesitant saying he didn't want that kind of responsibility. Which I completely got. I explained to him that I didn't want him to figure out how I should wear my hair, but give me some feedback on hairstyles I was looking at for inspiration. He felt a lot better about the whole idea once I explained it to him and he said for me to show him the pictures.

Wedding guests, this is your cue to get lost. Drew, if you don't want to see new inspiration pictures, you should get lost, too. xoxox


I was a bit reserved about showing Drew my inspiration pictures because I didn't want to ruin the surprise. I knew I was stuck though and needed to know what he thought before I could figure out what I was going to do. In the end, I am glad I did. His input was very helpful and I am now two steps closer to knowing how I want to do my hair for our wedding day.

I showed Drew the same pictures I showed all of you in the previous hair post, told him what I thought of each one and asked him what he thought. He quickly ruled out wearing my hair all down saying that it looked too relaxed and looked too much like how I wear my hair day to day. You know what? He was right. I do wear my hair that way a lot. I never even planned on wearing my hair completely down in the first place.

He also quickly dismissed wearing my hair half up and half down. He thought this also looked a lot like how I wear my hair when I am not wearing it all down. And you know what? He was right about that, too. As you can see in my wedding make-up post, I do rock the half up half down vintage inspired styles pretty often.

With both of those options being vetoed out that left my with wearing an up do on our wedding day. Drew actually said it was a special day, I should do something different and he thought an up do would be better for that. An up do it is! Now to figure out exactly what kind.

Drew liked two of the photos I had for and up do inspiration and thought I should move in that direction. I was glad to have some help from him and felt like I had a much better idea of which way to go with my hair. The funny thing is, even without having seen my dress, he actually picked the hairstyles that I thought would go best with it since it has an old Hollywood vibe to it.

Armed with this new information, I went back out into the great wide world of the inter-webs and came back with this inspiration board:

{source photo #1, photo #2 unknown, photos #3 & 4}

What do you think? I'm pretty happy with my new inspiration. I'm also happy to not feel all over the place when it comes to my wedding hair and now have some direction. As well as being able to check another wedding to do item off off my list!

Have you decided how you will be wearing your hair on your wedding day? Do tell. I love hearing about other brides' wedding look.

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