Hair Comes the Bride

I have a  confession to make. I still do not know what I am going to do with my hair on our wedding day. I know, HUGE surprise. You'd think being the planner that I am I would have this all figured out. Well, I did. And I have, more than once. But, I can't seem to commit to any of the hairstyles. I'm all topsy turvy on if I should wear it up, down or half and half. Oh the indecisiveness of a bride!

Drew and wedding guests, you might as well take a hike! Up a really long mountain.I'll meet you all at the top once I figure out what to do with my hair. In other words, this post is not for any of you to read!


Now back to hair business!

Originally I thought I was going to go with a 60's inspired do. Of course, that was also when I thought I was going to be wearing a tea length dress. Something like this:


When I scraped the idea of having a tea length dress and went with Hollywood glamour instead, I also scarped this hair style. I still really like this look, but it just wouldn't go right with my dress. But, maybe for the rehearsal dinner. Or the Cock n Hen party.

Once I went with a different dress, I thought I should go with an up-do. Something more glamorous that would complement my dress. I also was worried that I might get too hot if I wore my hair down since we are getting married on Maui. I started looking at up-dos with elegance and that reminded me of vintage glamour. Something along these lines:



Sorry, I've had this photo for so long I don't know where it came from. Please, let me know if you do. 

Then another Hawaii bride that I know wore her hair down for the wedding and said it was fine. When Drew and I went to Maui for our planning trip, I wore my hair down lots. And you know what? It was fine. Then I started thinking about wearing my hair half up and half down. Something like this:


So, I'm totally digging this hair style. Think it would go great with my dress and my birdcage veil. I decided this is the hair-do. Or is it? In the back of my mind, I kept thinking about those up-dos. But, at least I know that I don't want to wear my hair fully down. Right

Ok, I so thought I had ruled out completely wearing my hair down. Then Mrs Ostrich posted some of her wedding pictures and I feel hard for the beach hair look. I loved the way her hair moved with the wind and how relaxed it looked, but all made up at the same time.

But, I'm still not 100% sold. I'm not sure how that hairstyle would look with my veil. It may be the perfect hairstyle for our trash the dress session the day after our wedding though. I'm pretty good at doing this hair style myself. I will just have to give it a try with my veil and see what I think.

Of course, I am still thinking about the other hairstyles....

Part 2 to my hair dilemma: Hair Today

Should I wear my hair up, half and half or down? What do you think?

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