Make Me Up Before You Go-Go

As indecisive as I've been about my hair, I've known exactly what I want to do with my make-up since the very beginning. Now that sounds more like me. Oh, before I get into this topic, I better shoo Drew and all of our wedding guests away. Why don't you all enjoy some shoo-fly pie and shoo!

Hmmm, pie!
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Now that Drew and our wedding guests are all busy eating pie, we can talk make-up!

Like I said before, I've known from the start exactly how I wanted my wedding day make-up. I've been a big fan of the pin-up look for years and knew that was exactly the look I was going for on my wedding day. It didn't matter what kind of dress I would be wearing, I knew that this was going to be my make-up.

I love a retro make-up look and opt for it on a pretty regular basis. Since it's my favorite make-up look and the one I feel looks best on me, why not go with it on my wedding day, too?

All dolled up for Viva Las Vegas.
personal photo

There are two very important aspects to creating the pin-up look. First, you have to have fabulous feline eyes. Cat eyeliner with great false eyelashes and the right mascara can really make your eyes pop. As well as give them a a sexy gaze. Check out the eye make-up on the lovely ladies below to see what I mean:





Of course, that eye is never complete without the sexy red pout to accompany it. Sure, a coral or blush pout looks great, too, but they don't pop half as much as a red lip. Plus, with red being one of our wedding colors there really isn't any other lip color I should be wearing. See how the red pout and feline eye together really knock this look out of the park?



I can't wait to "wear" this look on our wedding day. I already know Drew loves this look on me so it's a win win all around. To make it even better, I hired the make-up artist Jessica Waite to put this look together for me. I love all the samples I've seen of her work and feedback I've received from other brides.  Armed with all of this information, I'm fully confident that she will be able to deliver exactly the look I am wanting. I'm so excited to not only have my make-up done professionally for the first time, but also to give airbrush make-up a try.

Do you have a certain make-up style that you will be following for your wedding day? Please share. 

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