TSA Says Yes to the Dress

Good news for all of you destination brides out there! Regardless if you are traveling back home or to a tropical island, TSA has said YES to the dress. A bride's wedding dress is one of the most important aspects of her wedding day. The idea of shipping it off in the mail or checking it in your luggage resulting in it being out of one's site is more than horrific. We want to keep our dress close and know it will arrive with us to our destination as perfect as it left.

Lucky for me, flying Hawaiian Airlines means that they're use to lots of brides flying to Hawaii to get married. It also means that they are very accommodating with wedding dresses. If you are flying to Hawaii, I highly recommend Hawaiian Airlines. Their service is top notch if you are flying to get married on one of the island, going for a vacation in paradise or going for business. They always take great care of their passengers.

It's best not to actually wear your wedding dress to the airport.

Since we are flying with Hawaiian Airlines, I wasn't worried about getting my dress there, but I was a bit worried about getting my bouquet there. You see, my bouquet is a bit different (a post for another day) and I was a worried about getting it through the TSA check point. I had already made sure it would fit in my carry-on with my wedding jewelry and other accessories, but secretly I was terrified that TSA was going to tell me I couldn't take my bouquet through and I was going to have a serious meltdown at the gate. We are talking huge meltdown that would results with me being placed on the No Fly list. Seriously, my biggest wedding fear to date. I was super happy to see that not only was TSA officially saying yes to the dress, but they are also saying yes to wired bouquets.

A few tips for getting your wedding dress to your destination:

1. Know Your Fabrics
When you purchase your dress, make sure to choice a fabric that will travel well. Many fabrics wrinkle very easily and it can be very difficult to nearly impossible to get those wrinkles out. Make sure you know your fabric before making the final decision. If you aren't sure, ask your bridal store consultant for advice on fabrics that will travel well.

2. Keep Your Dress Close.
Carrying your dress on board with you will give you great peace of mind. You will know where your dress is  at all times and that it will arrive when you do. I've known brides who carried their wedding dresses on to the plane in the garment bags, folded them up into their carry on luggage and one who put it in to a vacuum seal bag to make it small enough to put into her carry on. With all of these options, the brides happily arrived at their destination with their wedding dresses in hand.

3 Free Your Dress
Once you arrive at your destination, remove your wedding dress from it's garment bag or box and hang it up. If you are able to hang it in the bathroom, turn the hot water on in the shower and let the steam fill up the room to help pull out any wrinkles that may have occurred while traveling with your dress. Doing this should remove the wrinkles from your dress. If you have any persistent ones or you vacuum sealed your dress to travel, you will want to arrange for your dress to be pressed upon your arrival.

How will your wedding dress be arriving to your destination? Do you have any great tips to share with us to make sure it arrives safely?

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