Maui, Wedding Colors & Cocktails

Our cocktail hour is about 3 things: Maui, our wedding colors and cocktails! Sounds perfect to us.

A little inspiration to get us started:

I'm always a big fan of cocktails served in pineapples.

A Disclaimer: Wedding guests, don't ruin the surprise for yourselves and take a swim somewhere else! In other words, this water is to shallow for you to dive in!


And now for a little mood music:

With the scene now set, lets dive right into our Hawaiian inspired tropical red and aquamarine decorated cocktail party. Woohoo!!!

We are now at 114 days until our wedding. Wait! What? 108 until we leave for Maui. Oh, my! That's almost 100 days. That sure does make me feel like it's time to MOVE IT! MOVE IT! With that in mind, it's really time to start taking a look at our cocktail hour. Actually, cocktail 1.5 hours.

When Drew and I first started throwing around ideas for our wedding, we knew from the very beginning that we wanted a cocktail hour. Even once we decided to have a morning ceremony and lunch reception, we still wanted our cocktail hour. But, how to have a cocktail hour before lunch and not look like a bunch of lushes? Enter the mimosa bar!

How scrumptious are these babies?




Once we decided on a mimosa bar for our cocktail hour we wanted to give it a taste of Maui. We selected tropical fruit juices in the flavors of lilikoi, pineapple and lychee. Yummy! With morning cocktails that are so simple to make, look all kinds of festive and everyone loves bubbly we knew these would be a big hit among our friends and family.

We've also been working on DIY projects that will create an elvish, fresh vibe for our guests to enjoy. Think whimsical beach inspired signs leading our guests from the ceremony to the cocktail hour waiting on the lanai. To colorful tropical mimosas equipped with swizzle sticks and stripped paper straws with a personal touch. Accompanied by tasty morsels to hold everyone over until the lunch reception. 

Pineapples and plumerias will be set along the tables covered in Hawaiian table clothes beckoning our guests to enjoy a drink or two while they share memories, laughs and hopes for the future with each other. During this time, we will be off taking our first pictures together as husband and wife. But, we made sure to make our cocktail hour long enough that we will be able to slip back and join in the fun with everyone. And of course, to have a taste of one of those great tropical mimosas. Mmmm....

What are some of your favorite details for your cocktail hour?

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