Trying the Mokolua Margarita

Who doesn't need a reason to drink pineapple lilikoi margaritas? I know we don't. But, to be sure we had to have a little taste test. While we were at the beach house and working on the last (YAY!) of the wedding projects, we tested these babies out!

We used lilikoi puree instead of juice.
Since it was more concentrated we used half the amount.

Drew was on drink patrol while Nicki and I were neck high in wedding projects. Having him make us this super yummy cocktail was a nice break from the wedding project stress. It also gave us the opportunity to know if we wanted to get the ingredients for them for the possibility of having an after the after party.

We did add a little something extra to the drink then the previous recipe called for; Li Hing Mui powder! I love that stuff and picked up a big bag of it, last time we were on Maui. Im sure we will grab another bag when we are back there for the wedding.

For those of you who don't know, li hing mui is salted plum. So tasty! One of my few strong memories of when Mom and I lived on Hawaii is eating li hing mui! My mouth waters just thinking about them.

Added li hing mui power to the Hawaiian sea salt to rim the glass.

Tasty! But, needs a cute garnish.

The Mokolua Margarita was for sure a perfect cocktail for our after the after party. That is if we are up to having one. We will make sure to pick up the ingredients and have them on hand. If we don't use them then, we will enjoy them during our three days in Hana. Either way, it's a win win situation! Want to try your own Mokolua Margarita? Get the recipe here.

Are you having any signature drinks for your wedding?
*All photographs are from our personal collection.

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