Legendary Safari Club

A few weeks back we joined some of our friends at the Legendary Safari Club in Estacada Oregon one sunny afternoon. The drive out was easy and relaxing. As soon as we came into Estacada we knew right where the Safari Club was by their huge sign beckoning all to some explore all they had to offer. And
explore we did.

Now, I've never been one for stuffed animals. Real or fake. I'm not too fond of furs, either. Our friend, Julie can detest to that from when one of her furs touched me and I screamed. Both of them are just kind of well, creepy, to me. However, I love kitch and the history different places have to offer so I wasn't going to let anything stop us from checking-this place out. Especially since we'd been saying for years we were going to get out there one of these days.

The Safari Club was designed and constructed by Jorgans Construction Company in 1970. It is the only establishment of its kind in the world today. The collection of trophies housed at the Safari Club, came from 23 different hunting expeditions in six different countries throughout the world over a six year period. Glen Park, one of the most active hunters of his time, wanted to share his trophies with others and as a result, opened the Safari Club. The trophies are displayed in grandiose glass enclosures replete with faux foliage and lavish murals, with some even being engaged in everlasting battles to the death.

Lots of head trophies lined up on the walls.

Battling for ones' food.

Jesse couldn't help but make a baboon of himself.

I'm a little surprise Julie's not cuddled up with something furry.

Admittedly, the displays are a bit out there and have aged in a most interesting manner. You will just have to see it to see what I mean.  However, this place still somehow becomes that place that you've been looking for way too long. A place that can become a bizarre  playground, of sorts. I mean come on, it's a classic dive bar with strong drinks, low light, live bands on the weekends and is also a natural history museum. Our friends can't phantom a better place to get drunk, especially off Monkey's Milk, and play make believe.  Plus, there's an animal for every one's liking to take a picture with.

No. No, guys. Let's make love, not war.

Why does this little deer remind me of our dog, ChiChi?


Wearing leopard print with the leopard.

Family outings at the Safari Club are a must.

What a bunch of animals!

Chel looks cute with an elephant.

But we might look cuter with it...

Drew with Nort Nort. What I use to call buffaloes when I was little.

We highly recommend checking this Oregon oddity out. Who knows, you might just see us there...

Have you ever been to the Legendary Safari Club? If not, what are you waiting for?

*All photographs are from our personal collection. 

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