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Wait a second? When did we get under 3 months until our wedding? Oh, that would have been on Saturday! Even Gramma pointed out it was exactly 3 months until the wedding that day. Where has the time gone? With two years to plan a wedding, you'd think we'd have enough time to do everything. But, slowly we are running out of time. Good thing MOH, Nicki and I got a ton done this week. 

Wedding Tickers

Before we get into everything that still needs to be done, let's revisit the DIY To Do list I posted back in March. Yes, wedding guests, this would be your opportunity to make like an egg and scramble! 


DIY Projects to Complete by May 29th:
*Wedding Week Brochures to be printed.
*Wedding Program design to be completed.
*Wedding Program to be printed.
*Wedding Programs to be binded.
*Portland Wedding Celebration Invitation to be designed.
*Portland Wedding Celebration Invitation to be printed.
*Portland Wedding Celebration to be addressed and stamped.
*Portland Bachelor Bachelorette Party Invitation to be designed.
*Portland Bachelor Bachelorette Party Invitation to be printed.
*Portland Bachelor Bachelorette Party Invitation to be addressed and stamped.
*Grand Exit project (Yeah, you still have to wait to find out more about this!)
*Reception Signs to be designed.
*Reception Signs to be printed.
*OOT Bag Tags to be designed.
*OOT Bag Tags to be printed.
*Items for Hukilau to be put together. (Yeah, you are going to have to continue to wait on this one, too!)
*Put together and wrap every one's gifts.

That's a lot done, right? Whoo hoo!!! There's actually been more done than that, but we had a few set backs. You see, not only are all the pages designed for the program, but the pages have been printed, too. But, the pages were off a bit so we are having them re-printed. Nicki couldn't stand for them to not be perfect. So really they just need to be RE-printed. 

We also didn't do anything for the Portland Bachelor Bachelorette party. I just decided I couldn't do another wedding related party. With an engagement party, 3 bridal showers, 2 receptions and 1 wedding that is more than enough. I couldn't do one more wedding party. In fact, the idea of another one was brought up to us and my stress level rocketed so high at just the thought of it, I knew it wasn't a good idea. We quickly made sure to not go with that suggestion. 

Last week, Nicki and I finished up everything for the Portland wedding celebration invitations. We even added one more piece to them that I think really rounds them out. I'm just happy to have all of that completed and on it's way to me. I will be even more happy once I have everything all put together after our trip to the beach house in May. 

I've also made progress on the Grand Exit project. figured out everything I was going to do for it, designed it and printed them up. Now I just need to put everything together. Another project for the beach house DIY wedding projects weekend! 

With only 6 more items left on that list I am feeling pretty good! We got this! We will for sure have all of this and so much more done by May 29th. Keep an eye out for all of the DIY posts that will be coming your way following our DIY wedding projects weekend! 

What DIY projects do you still have to do for your wedding? Are you feeling on track or behind schedule?

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