April Showers Bring...

July weddings! Or something like that.

As you may remember, Saturday was our coed bridal shower with my family. I had a few things I'd learned from my bridal shower with friends that I wanted to carry over to my second shower in hopes of getting more pictures. Well, let me tell you that was a big fat FAIL. The one thing I learned from our second shower was no matter how much you try to be prepared things can always come up that you have no control over. That being, Drew got sick during the shower.

We had grabbed a bite to eat the night before since we'd been doing so much to get ready to go out of town and once we stopped to eat it was almost 9. To make things a little easier on ourselves we ran over to one of our favorite cheap places to eat. We ordered one of our usuals, but when it came it wasn't exactly what we ordered. This one had different meat in it. We weren't that concerned with it since everything else was the same so we just kept what was brought to us. There were so meats in it that we wouldn't normally eat. I'm not one to eat things like tripe, so I passed, but Drew gave some of it a try. The rest we brought home for ChiChi. She also ended up getting sick, the next day.

Shortly after dinner, Drew started saying he didn't feel the best. However he also had a phone call that affected the count of our at home reception and meant us having to come up with even more funds for it. I thought maybe the phone call had upset him and made him not feel well. We weren't sure what it was, at that time.

The next morning Drew still didn't feel the best. As the day went by and we drove up to Seattle, he started feeling worse and worse. He felt like he just couldn't stay awake. As soon as everyone arrived and he'd said his hellos, he went into the back room to lay down for a bit. he pretty much passed out and we didn't see him again until I woke him up to open presents. Poor guy.

With my fiance sick in the next room, I barely thought about taking pictures. The ones I did take were all taken before everyone got there. Yes, of the cupcakes. Would you expect anything less?

My one request for the shower was to have Trophy Cupcakes. They are my favorite shop in Seattle and even do a Hawaiian themed cupcake. Mom was nice enough to fulfill my request and not only got Hawaiian themed cupcakes but, also red velvet and vanilla minis. I didn't even know that Trophy Cupcakes did minis. She also made some bunny sugar cookies since it was Easter the next day and put "diamond rings" on the hands of some of the bunnies. Super cute!

Red Velvet mini cupcakes with Easter candies. 

Mom's Easter bunny cookies with "Bride and Groom" chocolate bunnies. 

Hawaiian cupcakes

Love that dessert spread! 

Mom brought up lots of flowers from her garden to decorate my Aunt Debbie's house with. 

Don't you just love the "diamond rings"? 

Mom and Aunt Debbie made a delicious salad with most of the greens being from Mom's garden and an island fish dish. Everyone was very happy with the food and filled themselves up. Mom and Aunt Deb were worried that maybe they didn't make enough, but there was plenty for all. Especially when you included all of those great desserts. Double yum!

Before we dug into all of those great desserts, I woke Drew up so we could open presents. He still wasn't feeling any better and you can see how rosy his cheeks were from not feeling well in the pictures. But, he was a real trooper and pushed through the opening of present before he said his thank yous and went back to sleeping.

We got some really great gifts that we were more than happy to receive. We also found out who all the anonymous gifts were from on our honeymoon registry. Oh, my sneaky Aunt Holly, Uncle Paul and cousins Kristin and Laura. Thank you to all of my family (and soon to be Drew's) for all of the wonderful contributions to our honeymoon.

Large Fiestaware platter from Gramma and Grampa. Notice it's in one of our wedding colors?

What's in the box? A vase called Tiki my cousin Hannah found for us!

Of course, the best part of the shower was just getting to spend time with family and catch up on what everyone has been doing these days. Being three hours away from everyone we miss a lot. It's always nice to get caught up.

Ok, I lied. The best part of the shower and I think everyone would agree, was when ChiChi jumped up on Grampa's lap and gave him a HUGE kiss. Grampa got the biggest smile and even laughed when this happened. Everyone cracked up and was so surprised by Grampa's reaction because he's allergic to pet dander and always tries to stay clear of everyone's pets. If only someone had captured it on camera!

Mahalo plenty to Mom and Aunt Debbie for a great family shower!

Did you have anything happen at your shower that completely threw off what was planned? How did you handle it?

All photos are personal images.

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