PDX Wedding Celebration: ChiChi Gets Around

Everyone loves our sweet little chihuahua, ChiChi. Sure, she barks when people she doesn't know well first come over, but she's just doing her job of helping to keep us safe. Once many guests start coming through the door she stops and instead starts checking out who's going to hold her. She really got around at our wedding celebration

ChiChi all dressed for the party in her aloha shirt.

My cousins, in particular, are all very found of ChiChi. Between just them and other family and friends, it was rare to see ChiChi on the ground more than a few seconds. Not that she minded. She got lots of love, pets and kisses.

Cousin Hannah and ChiChi

Cousin Sophie and ChiChi

You know ChiChi was really happy when she was on a lap long enough to sleep.Teresa holding ChiChi with Frank.

Beth and ChiChi with Frank.

Emma and Sophie with ChiChi.

Miss a recap of our Portland wedding celebration? Get caught up here:

*There were cupcakes! So many cupcakes! 

*We set the stage for another great party!

*We get the favors, guest books and chalkboard signs set up.

*Food, food and more food.

**All photos taken by Kimmy's cousin, Laura and her fiance, Michael. Editing done by Kimmy and Michael.

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