PDX Wedding Celebration: Setting the Stage

We know we've been promising more recaps from our Tiki Wedding Extravaganza for a while now and have kept you all waiting. We wanted to make sure to share our photos and video with our close friends and family first. Yes, there IS a wonderful little video that my friend, Brea, made for us. It's simply perfect. Since we still have one very important person to share them with, our Maid of Honor, we are going to kick-off with the recaps for our Portland wedding celebration.

Our Portland wedding celebration was held at our home, Knotty Cakes Ranch. We made lawn signs that were put out to mark the way through the neighborhood to lead guests to our house. It can be a little confusing trying to find our house the first or second time that someone comes over and we wanted to make sure that everyone easily found the way. And by "we made" the lawn signs, I mean, I gave our Maid of Honor the info and she did all of the graphics work.

Lawn signs leading the way to the reception. 

Our Portland wedding celebration came together with the help of so many people. Friends came over early and Amanda and Mom helped out for days leading up to it. Without all of them it would have never come together. Another huge thank you to each of you!

Bride and groom flamingos met guests as they went up the walkway. 

We used many decorations from the wedding at the Portland celebration. 

We didn't do a lot of decorating inside the house. Instead we let our mid-century modern home decor be the highlight. It was the first time many of our guests had seen our house and didn't think it needed much more besides a delicious spread of Hawaiian grinds, cupcakes and cocktails. 

A few pineapples were placed throughout as an easy decoration. 

Outside is where we really took the time to decorate and bring the Hawaiian Islands home with us. While on Maui we picked up a bunch of Hawaiian fabrics that Mom made into flag garlands that we hung along the back fence and outdoor tiki bar. She also made cloths that we used for guests to spread out on the lawn and picnic.

Garlands and tropical pillows made by Mom.

One of our neighbors helped set the mood by spinning records.

Oil cloth with tropical flowers in our wedding colors were put on the new picnic tables we got for our backyard. Tiki lights were put on each of the tables and orchids were placed throughout. We used other decorations from the wedding, as well. 

Tropical oil cloth, tikis and orchids were all the perfect touch. 

Banner re-used from the wedding. Yeah, it should say Kimmy. 

Picnic area to provide more seating to guests. 

Mom said we should set up an area for presents. She thought the two little tables we set up weren't enough. Guess she was right. Especially when they started piling up on the ground. 
Everyone's hard work and the many hours worked, set the stage for our Portland wedding celebration. All we needed was a few more details, to set out the food and for our guests to arrive. But, those are posts for another day.

**All photos taken by Kimmy's cousin, Laura and her fiance, Michael. Editing done by Kimmy and Michael.

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