Chris Isaak Live!

A few weekends back we headed to Spirit Mountain Casino with our friends, Jason and Kirstie, to see Chris Isaak preform. For the drive down, Kirstie put together a great picnic dinner for us all to enjoy. It was the best idea considering that the casino doesn't have very good food and we were driving down right at dinner. Thanks, Kirstie!

We got to the casino a little early, took a look around and did a little gambling. And by little, we mean less than $5. We just aren't gamblers.

We got the cheapest seats in the house, but they were still awesome. The show got started right away and Chris Isaak fully delivered. He sang all of his hits, did some fun covers, including the song I walked to on our wedding day, Can't Help Falling In Love, and sang a few Christmas songs since it was only 10 days before Christmas.

Chris Isaak really puts on a fun and energetic show. We enjoyed every second of it. He makes jokes, goes out into the audience to sing and even provides a safe word just in case the show gets out of hand....

If you ever get a chance to see Chris Isaak live, we highly recommend going. It's worth it just to see him do an encore in a suit covered in metal plates! We can't wait until the next time we get to see him perform. 


Have you seen Chris Isaak preform live before? How was the show that you went to?

**All photographs are from our personal collection. All photographs are copyrighted. 

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