Ringing in 2013

Happy 2013!!!

A few months back we decided to do something a little different for New Year's Eve. Instead of staying in town and going to the same parties we usually do, we thought we would get out of town. Not only would it give us the opportunity to do something new while ringing in our first New Year as husband and wife with just the two of us, but it would also give us a drama-free New Year's Eve. Sounded like the perfect way to start off 2013 to us! 

On our way. 

We headed to Redmond, where our timeshare has a great location, for a few days in the snow. A few days with no plans at all, except to relax and enjoy our time together. And that's exactly what we did! No obligations, no stress and no drama. Again, perfect! 

Our view from our timeshare. 

Instead of going out for New Year's Eve, we decided to have our own little night in. We soaked in the hot tub, had a tasty dinner, shared a bottle of bubbly and kissed at midnight. I also had a surprise for Drew; a gift of a year of experiences. (More on that later.) 

Drew grilling in the snow. 
New Year's Eve dinner. 

We set a few goals for us for 2013. Not resolutions, because resolutions are broken, but goals. Of course, we have the typical goals of continuing to be healthy, paying off debt and getting more completed on Knotty Cakes Ranch, but our main goal is for quality over quantity in regards to our friendships with others. We plan on focusing on building certain friendships to be stronger and cutting the toxic ones from of our lives. We've put up with more than enough drama from some and it's time to let them go. Plus, with having the goal of paying off more debt, we won't be going out as much and when we do, we want it to be spent with those who are our real friends. 

That about sums it up.

We hope you had a great New Year's Eve, as well. Good luck to all with your resolutions  goals or whatever changes you decided to work on in 2013. Cheers to 2013 being the best year, yet! 

On our way back home. 

**All photos are from our personal collection. © kimmy hayes 2012 

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