A Year of Fasting

Have you noticed that you probably haven't seen us out and about much lately? Yeah, we are staying home. Don't worry, it's not you, it's us. We are on a spending fast. In our effort to get rid of what's toxic in our lives in 2013, we need to be honest with ourselves and how toxic our debt really has become to us.


It's really important for us to get out of debt and as quickly as possible. After the wedding, projects on Knotty cakes ranch, unemployment, changes to taxes and so much more, we have reached our max on the debt we are willing to take on. In all honesty, we reached it a while ago, but didn't really sit down and take a look at where we were at with it until the end of last year. When we finally did, we were shocked and a bit scared. How could we have let this happen?

Really how is happened doesn't matter, anymore. What matters is how the heck we are going to get out of it. How we are going to get out of it is by going on a spending fast for 2013. Not fun, we know, but it will all pay off in the end. Literary.

So for now, we will be sitting at Knotty cakes, sticking to our budget, eating at home from our monthly meal plan, making DIY gifts, putting every extra penny we have towards our debt and rediscovering what we can do for free. We do have a very small amount put aside to go out about once per month for very special occasions and when we have friends in town visiting, so please continue to invite us to things. Just know if we say we can't go, again, it's us, not you. You are also welcome to come hang out with us at home.


In an effort to still spend time with our friends, but not pay a lot of money to do it, we are working on a few ideas to make this happen. First, we'd like to start a monthly ohana potluck at our home (or other's homes, if anyone else wants to host) for everyone to come together, bring a dish or drink to share and all hang out. It's a great way to have a fun dinner without spending a bunch of money. Plus, did you know a ton of ppl do this in Hawaii every night? It's just how they eat dinner with their ohana (friends and family).

We know we aren't the only ones struggling right now. In fact, many of our friends and family are. It's hard to make ends meet these days. That gave us the idea of starting to food share with others. Make an awesome pie crust? Have chickens laying more eggs than you need? Have fruit trees, berry bushes, or a vegetable garden producing more than you can eat? Make a killer jam? Have an amazing cookie dough recipe that will easily freeze? Or maybe some other food item that you could easily share with others. We'd love for you to join us in sharing food with others.

Think of it like a cookie exchange. For example, you make awesome pickled beets. so while you are already  making up your regular batch, you make sure to make 9 (the real number would depend on how many ppl are doing the food share) other jars. Once a month we all get together and you bring those 9 jars of pickled beets with you. The next month you will probably bring something else or you could bring the same thing, again. You give one jar to each of the other people at the food share and they give you the food item that they brought such as a jar of jam, frozen pie crust, half a dozen eggs and so on. The ideas of what you can make or already grow to share with others are endless. Then you leave, you will have a whole bag full of all kinds of great foods at a fraction of the price. If you'd be interested in joining in on this, let Kimmy know. We are hoping to get around 8-10 ppl who would like to do this and all benefit from each other's skills and bounty.

Lastly, we are both looking for some side work. Need someone to do any kind of handyman side projects or other construction on your home or yard, let us know. Drew is looking to add some weekend work to his schedule. Need help with a party, planning, prepping, shopping, making food, any other aspect of your party or having it all done for you? I'm looking to add some weekend work as well and would be happy to help you with your parties. Need help going through things, getting rid of things, setting up meal plans or simply getting organized? I can help with all of this, as well. We are both very open to all kinds of odd jobs, right now. We can work on a price that meets your budget and helps you out while also helping us out.

Have you been wanting to book an Arbonne party or just check out the products on your own? I'd love to book a party with you (could just be you and a friend or two, in my home or our's) or a private one-on-one  to check everything out. We can do facials, make-up consultations, foot soaks and so much more. It's a nice way to spend a lazy afternoon or evening. If you do book a party, it's a great way to earn some really fantastic products for up to 80% off and some for even free. I promise you will love the products once you check them out and there's something for everyone.

Like so many others, we are just trying to get by, pay off our debt and enjoy the little (free) things in life. We hope to get to still spend lots of time with all of you in new ways this year that can all help each other out and hopefully build stronger friendships. When we don't make it out to something we hope you all understand why.

Cheers to not spending, living on less and great friends!


Mira Wonderwheel said...

Thanks for sharing! This is great. After thoroughly reviewing our budget, we may do this too! We're calling it our Financial Responsibility Plan.

kimmy kupcakes said...

That's great, Mira. Getting out of debt before the wedding is always a good idea!


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