PDX Wedding Celebration: Eats & Grindz

The last thing we had to do to get ready for all of our guests was the food. One of the most important things! Again, we wanted to reflect the Hawaiian Islands in the choices we made for our food. We brought some food items back from Maui with us and planned the rest of our menu around foods you would find on the Islands.

Getting the food all set up before our guests started to arrive. 

We made all of the food, except the cupcakes, ourselves. Amanda, Mom, Nicki, Mira and Jose were all a HUGE help in us pulling this off. We could have never done it without them. They were amazing in taking on a task and following it through to the end. 

Pineapple with fruit kabobs. 

Spam musubi

Kaluha pork sliders with Trader Vic's onion remoulade on Hawaiian sweet rolls.

Spam macadamia nuts, Kona coffee glazed macadamia nuts, dried coconut and an assortment of li hing mui (salted plums).  

Chili lime cashews. Yes, we filled many little bags with those nuts. 

Trader Vic's PB&J made with Hawaiian sweet bread, guava jam from Maui and  Trader Vic's recipe for coconut peanut butter with a sprinkle of Hawaiian sea salt.

Li hing mui! The ones in the wrappers are my favorite! Eating li hing mui out of those wrappers is one of my strongest memories of living on Hawaii when I was still a keiki. 

On our tiki bar outside, we set up a self serve drink station. We had large drink dispensers of POG (passionfruit, orange, guava), mango lemonade and lilikoi (passionfruit) hibiscus iced tea. Guests were able to help themselves to these drinks as needed and add one on the fun paper straw flags we made to their cup. 

Mango lemonade, lilikoi hibiscus iced tea & POG

Miss a recap of our Portland wedding celebration? Get caught up here:

*We set the stage for another great party!

*We get the favors, guest books and chalkboard signs set up.

**All photos taken by Kimmy's cousin, Laura and her fiance, Michael. Editing done by Kimmy and Michael.

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