Brought to You by the USPS

Lucky for us brides, the USPS has come out with some really great stamps this year. Ones that will look great on wedding invitations, at home reception invitations, RSVP cards and more. Especially for destination brides.

I'm pretty excited over these stamps. I know, I'm a huge nerd. (Not a dork, like you Mom, a nerd.) I think these stamps are way better than what they were offering last year and found all kinds of perfect uses for them.

How great are these bonsai stamps? These are perfect for a spring or destination wedding.

If your invitations are over 1 oz, these new butterfly stamps are also perfect wedding stamps. For any, wedding really. Depending on how heavy our Portland wedding celebration invitations are, we might be using these to send them out.

Now I got really happy when I saw these stamps. I was born in the Year of the Dragon and since Drew and I are also getting married in the Year of the Dragon, I knew I had to have them. We used them to send out our Portland wedding celebration save the dates and some of our addition invitations for the other activities during the wedding week on Maui.

Now they couldn't have come out with stamps that were more perfect for Hawaii weddings then the aloha shirt stamps. I seriously LOVE these stamps. We used them in the postcard packets (Wedding guests no clicky that link!) I made for the OOT bags. These would be perfect to put on RSVP reply postcards for your guests to send back to you.

Of course, they came out with this year's Love stamp. Another great one for all wedding related paper. Really you just can't go wrong with a Love stamp.

You can purchase all of these great stamps online at the USPS store or head to your local post office to see what they currently have available. You could always take a little drive out to Bridal Veil, as well, to pick up and mail your stamps out from there. 

What kind of stamps will you be using for your wedding invitations? 

All images are from the USPS site. 


NCan82 said...

Wow so many stamps! lol! Well since my wedding is just under a year away, I haven't really thought much about what stamps to use. I am just now beginning research on some DIY invitations! I really like the "Love" stamp though! And those "Aloha" stamps are awesome! Well, everything Hawaii is awesome to me :-)

kimmy kupcakes said...

Having the right stamp is always a nice touch on the invitations. Can't go wrong with the Love stamps. i just ordered some of those myself.

Carina aka "the youngest one" said...

How funny that you posted this because I totally just ordered the aloha shirt stamps for our postcard-packet-type-thingy (obviously I have yet to come up with a better name for it!) We also used the Bonsai tree stamps for our save the dates! We must be on the same brain wave, some sort of Maui Wedding Sisterhood or something. Still loving your blog!!

kimmy kupcakes said...

Mahalo! They came out with a ton of great stamps for destination weddings this year. Especially ones in Hawaii. I'm finishing up all of my wedding projects this weekend and will be posting what we did for those ones in the next couple weeks.


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