Reveal: Portland Wedding Celebration Save the Dates

While on our Maui Wedding Planning Trip, we mailed out the save the dates for our Portland wedding celebration. We wanted them to have a Hawaii postmark to go with our wedding theme and thought it'd be cute to have them mailed out from Paia, the little town we are getting married in. Little did we know that everything sent from Hawaii gets postmarked in Honolulu. 

We got lots of comments about our save the dates being mailed from  Hawaii. 

The Year of the Dragon stamps came out the day we were leaving Maui. We made sure to go to the post office on our way to the airport to be able to pick them up. We thought they were the perfect touch for celebrating a Hawaii wedding. Plus, I was born in the Year of the Dragon. 

Since we are doing an old Hawaii wedding theme and incorporating vintage travel into it, I wanted our save the dates for our wedding celebration at home to reflect that, as well. With that in mind, I came up with the idea to have the save the dates look like the top of a desk after or during traveling that looked like it was being used to document a trip to the Hawaiian islands. I also wanted to be sure to incorporate some of our wonderful engagement photos into it. I told our Maid of Honor, Nicki, my idea, sent her inspiration, photos and all the information needed for it and she put together exactly what I wanted! 

Don't you love it? We sure do!

A close up of some of the engagement pictures that we used.

I had the save the dates printed up as photo cards through Costco. You get 50 of them for $14.99. Each additional 25 is only $4.99 more. It's a great price for photo cards.

I then printed up the backs of the envelops with our names, address and a little hibiscus in red. Drew wrote out all of invitations by hand. His biggest wedding project, yet! I would have done it, but he has much prettier handwriting. Plus, it gave him something to do on the plane while we flew to Maui.

We are so happy with how they turned out. We've also had a lot of positive response from our guests. YAY to another successful wedding project completed!

Did you send out save the dates? What did you do for them?

All photos are personal photos.

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