Stick a Fork In Me!

I! Am! Done!

Or at least, I wish I was. I have been working on wedding planning and projects for just shy of two years now. Yes, almost a whole year before our official engagement. So I've spent way more than enough time on our wedding.

It's not that I'm not looking forward to our wedding or that I don't want to have it. I'm very excited for our wedding and can't wait to get back to Maui. I'm also marrying an incredible man who I am very happy with. It's just that I want my life back. I want free time. I don't want to be spending every waking second on wedding planning and trying to squeeze another dime out of a dried up turnip to pay for it all. Or my empty pocketbook for that matter.


We are so close to being done with all the projects, but it's not close enough. I don't want to proof another invitation. Or stick on another stamp. Or put together another favor. Or make another payment.Or anything wedding related. We have 142 days until or wedding and frankly, that's just not soon enough!

Don't worry, we aren't going anywhere. There are still many more DIY projects to share and many more stories to tell. I'm committed to following through to the end on sharing all of our wedding planning and projects. Plus, we are just about to get to the good part with all of the wedding related parties about to kick off, starting with shower #1 towards the end of March!

Oh! My first shower is in a little over a month! I just had an idea for another project. I better get back to work....

How is your wedding planning coming along? Do you ever have days were you just feel like you are over wedding planning?

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