Fly Us to Maui!

We are all packed and ready to go to Maui! We've worked-out at the gym, built a base tan, waxed and had manis and pedis. Ok, I'm the only one who waxed and had a mani and pedi. But, Drew did shave.

Do you think we will be able to sleep tonight? I've been so excited, I haven't really been able to sleep that well all week. Instead I bounce around the house saying over and over, again, "We are going to Maui! We are going to Maui! We are going to Maui!" Go ahead and laugh, I do.

We leave early tomorrow morning and will be there for 6 glorious days and 5 relaxing nights.  Yeah, we don't party it up at night like we use to. Now it's all about the relaxation! And of course, meeting with wedding vendors.

Don't even think about trying to come to Knotty Cakes Ranch while we are gone! ChiChi the Wonder Dog will be keeping a tight watch on this place! She's got tiny little teeth and she's not afraid to use them. She will open her mouth right up and lick you all over!

Oh, ChiChi! We will miss waking up to that little face every morning!
{personal photo}

Were you overly excited over meeting with your wedding vendors?

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