Making a List

Checking it twice. No, I'm not singing Christmas carols. I have a strict rule against any Christmas music before Thanksgiving and after Christmas. What I'm talking about it making a list for all that we need to get done while on Maui for our planning trip. Sure, there will be a little fun squeezed in under the sun, but mostly this trip is strictly wedding business.

Have I mentioned before how I love making lists? Well, I do. I have a whole USB drive dedicated to wedding lists.  I love referencing it and carry it in my purse with me everywhere I go. You never know when I'm going to need one of my lists.

At any one time I have more than one list going.  I have lists for what still needs to be done for our Maui wedding, what still needs to be done for our Portland celebration, who's RSVPed, what they've RSVPed for, who hasn't RSVPed, what our Maid of Honor needs to do, what DIY projects still need to be completed, what Drew needs to do, food menus and so many more.  But, right now the list that I am most focused on is the one with everything we need to do while on Maui to plan for our wedding.

I love me a good list!

To Do While on Maui:

1. Check prices on items needed for the wedding week at Costco, Whole Foods and Liquor Barn.
2. Purchase items (to be shared at a later date) for out of town gift bags, Maid of Honor and attendants/ushers.
3. Find and purchase shoes for Drew to wear for the wedding.
4. Purchase luahala boxes, table runners and baskets.
5. Check out places we are interested in for bridal lunch, Cock n Hen party and Wahine party. (More on what these are later.)
6. Have wedding cake tasting.
7. Meet with venue event planner.
8. Have tour of venue.
9. Have tour of inn we will be staying at for our wedding.
10. Have wedding reception tasting.
11. Tour beach for welcome BBQ.
12. Mail out some wedding paper (to also be shared at a later date.)
13. Have rehearsal dinner tasting.
14. Talk to nail salons.
15. Meet with kahuna (Hawaiian priest).

And most important:
16. Find and purchase wedding bands!

In other words, we will be shopping, eating and socializing.  Sounds like my kind of to do list!

Have you had a planning trip for your wedding? What kinds of things did you get done while you were on it?

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