Wedding Trends 2012

While planning ones wedding, surfing wedding blogs and posting on wedding boards you start to notice new trends.  I've noticed a few trends that I think are really going to take off in 2012 in regards to weddings. Some of these are even ideas that we are planning on doing for our own wedding.

1. Wedding Themes
I've been seeing wedding themes all over the place.  Themes are really fun for both the wedding guests and the wedding party.  They give you a place to start with planning your wedding and a focal point throughout your planning. Depending on your taste, you can go subtle or really big with a wedding theme. Which ever way you go, remember it's your wedding and have fun with it.

Now how's that for a wedding theme?

2. Mini Food
Not only do I think that 2012 will bring a return of more cocktail party receptions, but also lots of mini food. Mini food gives guests the opportunity to try many different kinds of food while not having to sit down to eat them. Wedding guests will be able to mingle easier and have their hands free to move around. They can spend their time really enjoying the reception, not taking an hour or more just to eat. Just be sure to present the food in a way that is easy to eat with one's fingers without making a mess.

Serving mini food gives you the option to serve many different types of food at your wedding.

3. Dessert Bar
Move over, wedding cake! There's a new sheriff in town. The wedding dessert bar will be taking over in 2012.  I'm not just talking cupcakes and pie, either.  There will be s'mores, ice cream, sundaes, cookies, chocolates, cake pops, creme brulee  and pretty much every other kind of dessert you can think of. The great thing about the dessert bar is they offer many options for your guests at a fraction of the cost of a wedding cake. Just make sure not to go overboard with too many options or you may overwhelm your guests.

A dessert bar can have all kinds of options and works great with a wedding theme.

4. All the Colors of the Rainbow
No, I'm not talking about Skittles.  I'm talking about rainbow colored weddings. Why choose one or two colors when you can have all of them? Bridesmaids will each get to wear a color that looks great on them and the bride will be surrounded by so much bright color! It's also the start of a great wedding theme.

All the colors of the rainbow!

5. Personal Touches
Someone once said not to stress over the little things when it comes to your wedding.  For 2012, you can pretty much throw that saying out the window. Now it's all about the personal touches and paying close attention to detail. You will see more custom wedding monograms or logos, wedding invitations, favors, signs and so much more. All of them will tie together to highlight the bride and groom to really show off their personalities and interests. You will see more personal touches like naming wedding tables with something that has to do with the bride and groom like all of the places they have visited together and trivia games about the bride and groom to see who knows them best. 2012 will be the year of getting to know the bride and groom through their wedding details!

Don't forget the details.

Are you planning on doing any of the above ideas for your wedding? How will you highlight your personalities and interests into your wedding?

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