We Get by With a Little Help From Our Friends

Hey, everyone! I need your help!

I met my friend Sarah when I first started planning our wedding on Maui. She was also planning a wedding on Maui and we became friends as a result. She has been a great help to me during my planning and I would like to very much re-pay her by helping her with a contest that she's trying to win for her little sister.

If you could please click on HERE, it will take you to Facebook to be able to like her picture and help them win.  You will probably have to sign in to Facebook first.  Once you are signed in like the picture that looks like the one below. Mahalo!

1 comment:

kimmy kupcakes said...

To give you all an update: Yes, Sarah won the contest! I am so happy for her and her little sister. Thank you to everyone that voted.


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