The Wedding Postmark That Wasn't

Or How We Can All Really Be Morons Sometimes

Being detail oriented, no detail has gone overlooked during our wedding planning. Even down to the postmarks. We made sure to have our wedding save the dates go in the mail on 07.07.11 to have a postmark exactly one year to our wedding date. We also wanted our wedding invitations to also have a postmark with significance to us. We picked 11.11.11 to send out our wedding invitations and made a whole plan around it to be able to do so. 

I worked longer hours earlier in the week to make sure I would be able to get off early from work on 11.11.11. Nicki did the same and made arrangements with her boss to be able to go with me to mail out the invitations and take pictures since Drew wasn't able to go. Amanda, Mom and Nicki's mom all knew we were going on this date to mail out the wedding invitations. 

Nicki and I talked about it many times this week about how excited we were for Friday and to finally be getting our invitations in the mail. The invitations were a ton of work and we were so happy for them to be completed. As well as, for the wedding guests to finally get to see them.  We haven't been sharing anything with anyone during the making process and are waiting to do so until after our guests have seen them first. 

Friday had finally arrived, I let Nicki know I was leaving work and going home to change. I had dressed to go to happy hour at Trader Vic's to celebrate getting our invitations in the mail and was already freezing. I knew that where we were going to send out the invitations from was going to be even colder, so I better chuck the cute vintage Hawaiian dress I had on for warmer clothes. 

I pull into our driveway and then it hits me.  November 11th is Veterans Day. Veterans Day is a holiday for banks, schools and government buildings. The post office is a government building! MFer! The post office isn't even open on the day we planned on having our wedding invitations postmarked. The day we told a few others we were going to mail them out on and not one of them thought of how the post office wouldn't be open that day either. Really? Out of seven of us, not a single one of us thought of how it was Veterans Day and that the post office would be CLOSED! Yup, we are all real smart. 


I call Nicki and tell her my genius discovery.  Of course, I made sure to look it up on the Internets before breaking the news to her.  She was just pulling out of her driveway when I called her and she too couldn't believe none of us had thought of this. Since neither of us had any other plans for the day, she decided to come up anyway for us to go to lunch together and still have happy hour at Trader Vic's. 

Clearly, our invitations were not meant to go out on 11.11.11 and we were not even to still have our celebration for being done with them. I'm guessing that since they weren't officially in the mail, the wedding gods decided we couldn't celebrate either. On Nicki's way up she got caught behind a huge accident, was stuck in traffic for hours and never made it here. Instead she turned around and went home after finally moving 2 miles in a hour and getting close enough to an exit that allowed her to get off of the freeway. I don't blame her, I would have turned around, too. Plus, while talking to her on the phone about her being stuck a knocked a glass of juice over on the directions to the post office. Yup, this was so not supposed to happen yesterday.


Now here we are, 11.12.11. Our new day to send out our wedding invitations. It's not a day with any significance for us, but we know we need to get this information out to our guests as soon as possible, before they show up with pitchforks and torches banging at our door for all the details. Or before anymore of them book their trips without the information they need to know where to stay and book lodging on the wrong side of the island. 

We are off, wedding invitations in tow, to mail out our invitations.  Yes, I called the post office we are sending them out from to make sure that they are open. They are.

Did you have any wedding blunders along the way?

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