Take Me to Your Leader

On our way back from the beach house in Manzanita, we stopped for lunch at Blue Heron French Cheese Company for lunch. After lots of samples and a delicious lunch, Drew decided to take ChiChi for a little walk around the property.

On the far side of the farm, there is a large field with a ton of cows. ChiChi bounced right over without a care in the word, happy to get some time to stretch her legs after being in the car for a bit. She could have cared less about the cows, but once they saw her, it was like they couldn't get enough.

All of the cow's eyes were on ChiChi. If she walked one way, they would walk that way.  If she turned around and started walking the other way, they would all do the same.  If she sat down to take a break, they would all just sit and stair at her. Drew and I had never seen cows act like this before and were cracking up! We wonder what they must have been thinking about ChiChi.

Once the cows saw ChiChi, they couldn't take their eyes off of her.

Notice how the cows watch her move.

Follow that creature!

Have you ever had any unusual animal encounters like this one?

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