Wheels and Waves 2011

We went out to the Wheels and Waves car show in Seaside for the third year in a row.  This year our friends, Jon, Traci, Joe and Dana all joined us. As well as, ChiChi, the Wonder Dog! We checked out all of the classic vehicles while declaring which ones were our favorites, hit the vintage candy shop, enjoyed happy hour, rode some vintage rides, played a few games at the arcade, walked along the promenade and watched the sunset. The best part though was discovering a cotton candy machine that spun the floss fresh and came out warm. Everyone loved the fresh cotton candy, but it was Traci who was the most thrilled with it.  So thrilled in fact, I looked up cotton candy machines on Maui for her to visit when we go for our wedding trip.
My favorite car of the day!

How cute are those little paws?

Traci was surprised the cotton candy was so fresh and still warm.

Oh, Dana!

Joe loved the bumper cars.

Dana bumps Jon, who in return bumps Drew!

I was all about the Tilt-A-Whirl!

The sunset that night was beautiful!

Knock! Knock! MF'ers! Yes, the big metal cock made an appearance at the end of our weekend.

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