Reveal: Destination Wedding Save the Dates

Our destination wedding save the dates went out in the mail on 07.07.11. We thought it'd be fun to have them post marked exactly one year to the wedding date, even if no one notices. By now, all of our wedding guests should have received their save the dates. We actually waited on posting this until we thought everyone had them.This article on how to make boarding passes and luggage tag wedding invitations and save the dates had been moved to our new site AfterGlobe.


Brooke Olivier said...

Can you please tell me where you found the seahorse graphic? I've been searching everywhere for something like this to go on my under-the-sea wedding invitations. It's gorgeous! The luggage tags look amazing and professionally done! DIY is what I'm going for and yours takes the cake.

kimmy kupcakes said...

Thank you so much. I found it on Etsy. You can get a lot of vintage graphics from there for cheap. I just searched for seahorse graphic and vintage sea horse graphic. To let you know, the original graphic is black and white. We colored it in with the blue.


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