Knotty Cakes Ranch Part Deux

Things are moving along here at Knotty Cakes Ranch. Drew has painted the living room, dining room, hallway, kitchen, our bedroom, Amanda's bedroom, and the dressing room. I've cleaned and cleaned. My mom even made us some fabulous barkcloth drapes. Very slowly, we've started unpacking. There's still lots to do, but we are moving forward. We thought it's be nice to share with all of you what we've done so far. Next up, more unpacking, decorating, and hanging some art! Oh, and Drew's going to paint the outside of the house!

Looking down the hallway of many closets. Drew painted the walls and traded out the hallway and entrance lights.

Still trying to figure out what to hang on the fireplace and put on the mantel. I threw a couple things on there to not look bare for the housewarming. Loving the swag lamps that Drew hung.

The gold wall in the living room is so much fun!

I spent over three hours cleaning this table and chair set. It sure was dirty, but looks so great now. The sputnik lamp that Drew hung and the drapes my mom made both really pull the room together.

The red walls in our bedroom sure are hot! Love the way the bedside lamps look against the red.


sara sanger said...

i think you need a round mirror over the fireplace to balance all those squares.

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