Yard Work

Drew and I worked our butts off in the yard Memorial Day weekend. Amanda helped us here and there, but being a teenager always had some excuse to not work too hard. The front yard looked so different when we were done and many neighbors came by to say how happy they were to see us clean it up. What do you think?

Our original plan was to remove these 50 yr old junipers, but after realizing their roots went around the house we thought it would be a bit much. Since they were so big and in need of serious clean up, we cut them down and trimmed them back. The tops on both of them need to grow in, but they both look so much better than they did when we first moved in.

Even though we decided to not pull out the junipers there was still one large bush that we did stay with the decision to remove. It was badly missed shaped, growing into the basketball hoop pole, and really didn't look good. After many hours of digging and pulling, Drew finally pulled it out of the ground. As you can see, he was pretty proud of himself!

The pom pom we planted looks so much better than what was there before. Don't you like how Drew did the rocks below the tree?

This Red Dragon that I planted is the only Japanese maple that stays red year round.

Over 50 plants and bulbs and 5 trees later our yard is really starting to come together. However, this is just the start....

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