Goonies 25th Anniversay Weekend

Can you believe it's been 25 years since Goonies came out? I've always loved that movie and loved even more that the end was filmed at Goat Rock, a beach along a stretch of Northern California coast where I lived as a child. When I moved to Oregon, I learned that the beginning of the movie was filmed here in Astoria and also grew to love that.

Drew, Amanda, one of Amanda's friends, and I all went down to Astoria a few weekends back to celebrate the Goonies 25th Anniversary. There was so much going on for it and there were lots of people there, but the sun was shining bright and we all had a fun time. We even got to see Joe Pantoliano and we're sitting right outside of where Corey Feldmen was without knowing it until we were leaving. Explains why there were so many police officers around.

Goonies fans came from far and wide!

Down by the Goon Docks.

Opening day of the Oregon Film Museum. Also the same jail house where one of the Fratelli brothers broke out.

Maybe we got in a little trouble while we were there...

The museum where Mikey's dad worked.

Some guy had made his Jeep over to look like the one in Goonies complete with bullet holes in the back.

This was pretty funny. It connected Corey Feldmen to all different Oregon movies.

On lock down!

Baby Ruth!

It was good to see the people who own Mikey's house now have a real sign. The piece of poster board they had before was always falling down.

Mikey's house.

Everyone was trying to make a buck off of the Goonies.

We went down to see the sea lions before the movie started. Lots of people were calling them seals, which always bugs me. Kind of like when people don't know the difference between leopard print and cheetah print.

It was fun getting to see Goonies with so many other fans.

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