Day 9 of Tiki Road Trip 2009

The second day of Tiki Oasis started off with finding out everything that we needed to know in order to volunteer at the event. Drew and I had decided to volunteer instead of purchasing our tickets in hopes of meeting more tikiphiles. We met so many during our volunteer shift it was great. You don't know how many times I heard, "Oh, you're Tiki Kupcake!" My personal favorite was meeting Charles Phoenix.

After our shift we enjoyed some of Tiki Oasis' entertainment from a tiki fashion show that many friends were in to musical performances. We ran over to Mister Tiki for a sushi dinner and then back to Tiki Oasis for more musical entertainment, dance performances and a couple room parties.

After working our volunteer shift that day I was pretty tired and didn't last as long into the night as I would have liked, too. Drew wanted to keep going, but when we went back to our room to change my shoes I laid down on the bed and feel right to sleep. It was actually a good thing I feel asleep earlier since I wanted to be in line for Heather Watts paintings first thing the next morning.

Amanda went swimming with Honey and Brix while Drew and I worked our volunteer shift.

Everyone in the fashion show was really outgoing and lots of fun to watch.

Justin shaking what his mama gave him!

It's always fun to see some of your friends on stage.

Bamboo Ben taking an afternoon deep in the hot tub.

The Martini Kings.

Wahini Tyra put on a great hula performance.

Amanda at Mister Tiki.

We enjoyed some great sushi at Mister Tiki.

Many tikiphiles decorate their balconies at Tiki Oasis. We decorated ours with some vintage tulip lights and a shell garland.

Loved Charles Phoenix's suit made of tapa cloth.

The Ku bar at night.

King Kukulele and The Friki Tikis.

Tiki shhhhh.

At Frankie's Tiki Room party. They have the best bartenders at their bar in Vegas and brought them along with them. They made a really yummy cocktail for the room party.

Thee Swank Bastards played Frankie's Tiki Room party.

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