Day 8 of Tiki Road Trip 2009

Another day of starting off slow. We could use these kinds of days more often. On the other hand, that would probably drive me crazy since we get way less done. I digress, back to our trip.

We drove down to San Diego, checked in to our hotel for Tiki Oasis, and headed over to the Bali Hai for the Tiki Oasis kick-off party. We had a nice dinner at the Bali Hai while over looking the water and being able to watch the festivities unfold below us. It was fun seeing ppl we knew and what they were doing with out them knowing we were watching. Yes, Justin, Greg, Lucky, Debbie, and many more, we were watching all of you.

After dinner, we went down to join the festivities. Everyone really seemed to like my vintage 1960's Pizza Hut uniform dress I was wearing. We keep hearing ppl talking about it and were asking to take my picture, as well. It was fun to have so many ppl excited over my dress.

We watched some bands, mingled with some fellow tikiphiles, took lots of pictures, and then headed back to the hotel. We knew we had a full weekend ahead of us and wanted to make sure we got a little sleep in before Tiki Oasis went into full swing. Plus, we had to be up early for our volunteer meeting.

Welcome to Tiki Oasis 9 Surf City!

Welcome to Bali Hai.

Drew, Amanda, and I waiting for our table at Bali Hai.

Chatting with Melissa and Justin.

Amanda looking so cute for the kick-off party.

Drew trying the Mr. Bali Hai.

The gorgeous view from our table.

Amanda and I enjoying one of the many tikis around Bali Hai.

Drew and the tiki.

One of the many tikis around our hotel.

A nice place to sit and make drinks at our hotel.

In our hotel lobby.

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Cocktail Nation said...

Great stuff guys...love the blog..nothin like a roadtrip!



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