Day 10 of Tiki Road Trip 2009

Another day in paradise at Tiki Oasis started out with shopping at the vendors. I got up bright and early so I could get in line for Heather Watts in hopes of getting the velvet painting, Ocean God. When I got there half an hour before the vendors opened there were already two men in line ahead of me. I was so nervous that they were going to buy the painting that Drew and I wanted. When both of them selected other paintings, I almost started to cry from happiness. I am proud to say that Drew and I are now the owners of the Ocean God.

Buying the velvet painting was just the first of many purchases. Drew, Amanda, and I all had a great time shopping at the tiki vendors. Drew and I mostly focused on purchasing items for our home tiki bar, while Amanda focused on getting herself some new clothes. However, she did splurged and get herself one Tiki Tony mug and a print by Thor. We all got one of the new tiki shirts from Vintage Roadside.

After shopping we all went off to different symposiums. Drew attended ones were he learned more about tiki mugs, collecting, different kinds of rum, and mixing tiki drinks. Amanda and I attended one on pin-up hair and make-up. We all had a great time on the ones we attended and look forward to attending more next year.

Waiting in line to buy a Heather Watts velvet painting.

Notch selling his awesome mugs at the Ku bar.

I really wished I could have bought one of these tiki temples. Next time!

This scares me.

Which way do we go next?

Amanda loved this zombie tiki.

Amanda doing her hair at the pin-up symposium.

This is the first year Tiki Oasis had a car show.

Rock-a-Hula, baby!

Drew, Lucky, and Debbie waiting to get into Rum, Inc.

Loved all the live tiki carving.

I swear we didn't plan to color coordinate.

We all loved snacking on Hawaiian shaved ice.

Shag designed the very first Tiki Oasis tiki shirt that was released this year.

Jay Strongman signing out copy of Tiki Mugs.

Honey and Brixton joined us again for some time at the pool.

Just out of the pool.

We stopped by Justin and Greg's room for their private room party.

I'm in love with Charles Phoenix.

We went over to Humphrey's for dinner.

Enjoying dinner.

Amanda looked gorgeous while she worked the registration desk.

The king and queen on tiki!

After dinner we headed to the Limoncello Lounge room party.

With Amy and Bamboo Ben.

Next we hit the Smuggler's Cove pajama party.

Finally Drew has a reason to wear his PJs.

We had a ton of fun at the pajama party.

What? A tiki drink? No, I haven't had any.

Tikiyaki Orchestra performed at the pajama party.

Lots of our friends came to the pajama party.

Lucky and Debbie enjoying some of the drinks provided by Smuggler's Cove.


calihoney said...

I love your pjs! super cute!

kimmy kupcakes said...

Thanks! I liked them so much I am thinking about buying more.


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