Day 4 of Tiki Road Trip 2009

We changed our plans a bit and decided to have a slow morning instead of running right out the door to get to Hollywood. It also gave us more time to spend with our friends, Eva and Juan and their daughter, Felice before we got back on the tiki road. We spent most of our afternoon driving to LA, but made it just in time for our dinner reservation with my Uncle John and his girlfriend, Monique at Trader Vic's in LA Live.

We had another wonderful time at Trader Vic's. They went all out helping us celebrate Amanda's 15th birthday by bringing her out a special dessert and even gave her one of the 75th anniversary tees shirts. Everything about the experience was exceptional. If you haven't been to the new Trader Vic's location in LA, you really need to go.

Felice and Amanda were catching lizards in the garden.

On the tiki road.

Sunset at the grapevine.

Happy 15th Birthday, Amanda.

Loved what Trader Vic's did with dessert.

The shirt Amanda was given.

Great company for a great dinner.

The potted parrot wanted to be a part of our picture.

We want one of these lamps for our tiki bar.

The end to a great night.

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