Day 3 of Tiki Road Trip 2009

Another great day on out trip! I think this has been my favorite by far. Actually, I think this day may have also been Amanda and Drew's favorite day, as well.

First we started of the day with lunch at Trader Vic's in Emeryville. We had a window table overlooking the bay and couldn't have had a better view while there. This was Amanda's first visit ever to Trader Vic's and to the Emeryville location for all of us. We had no idea how great our time there was going to be.

Of course, the drinks and food were wonderful. However, it was the service, attention, and all the little extras that really made this Trader Vic's stand out. The topper being the tour we got of the restaurant from the manager, John while he told us many interesting facts about Trader Vic's and gave us some really wonderful souvenirs. We were all so happy when we left and couldn't believe the experience we just had.

After lunch, we headed across the bay to San Francisco. We headed down to Fisherman's Wharf where we spent most of our time at Musee Mecanique, the vintage nickelodeon. Then headed over to the Tonga Room where we caught the thunderstorm show right before we were leaving.

As we crossed the Golden Gate bridge it was Drew's first time being on it. It was really his first time getting to see it, too. He had seen it once from a distance, but never had a full close up view.

We stopped to take pictures with the bridge in the background since it was his first time being on it, but our plans were foiled when Drew locked his keys in the car. Lucky, he was able to use his door unlocking skills to get us back in, but it did take a bit and foiled our plans to have dinner at my favorite sushi restaurant, Sushi Hana.

It was another long day, but where we got back to our friends Eva and Juan's home we were all still very happy and beaming from ear to ear. I wonder what tomorrow will bring....

Having a nice birthday lunch for Amanda at Trader Vic's.

Can't believe my little girl is really 15!

Outside of Trader Vic's.

At the end of our tour of Trader Vic's.

Best roll of quarters ever spent.

I liked to watch the "happy" ones.

Let's see how Drew and I measure up.


At the Tonga Room.

The Tonga Room was so pretty.

Drew said he wanted a picture with the Golden Gate bridge.

The Flamingo hotel in Santa Rosa.

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