Day 5 of Tiki Road Trip 2009

We have not been able to post each day exactly as it's happened due to being too tired to post at times, being out to late, having to get up to early, or simply just not being able to find the time every day. However, we will continue to post until all days have been posted and after our trip will post more details and pictures about each tiki location we have visited. This has been a great trip, with so much going on and we still have another week to go!

Due to changing our plans on Sunday, we had to also change our plans on Monday. We started out by headed out to Tacos Baja where we all agreed that they have the best fish tacos any of us have ever had in our lifes. They were unbelievable. Just thinking about them makes me want them, again. I highly recommend checking them out.

After lunch we headed to Oceanic Arts and stayed there for many hours. We found some tiki items we had been trying to find for a while and so much more. We even got three different tikis, including a carved baby eater pole. We are planning on going back again with an empty vehicle after we buy our house to stuck up even more for the home tiki bar.

Next, we headed over to Bahooka for snacks, drinks, and to hide out from LA rush hour traffic. Bahook was way more than we expected. It just went on and on. There we so many fish tanks through out the restaurant and flotsam and jetsam hanging from the ceiling. It was crazy! We took our time checking everything out and then we settled in and made ourselves comfortable with some back issues of Tiki Magazine that we just purchased at Oceanic Arts.

Later that night we went over to Hollywood. We were hoping to get to show Amanda the hand prints at the Chinese Theater, but it was closed off to the general public due to the premier of Inglourious Bastards taking place. Even though she missed seeing the hand prints, Amanda loved getting to see a premier all set up and waiting to see if anyone famous came out of the building. Seeing Brad Pitt come out made it even better for her!

We did a little bit of the Hollywood Walk of Fame and then headed up to the Griffith Observatory for some amazing night time views of the city. It was starting to get pretty cold and windy when we were up there so we didn't stay long. We headed back down to my uncle's and got to bed as early as possible since we had a full day of celebrating Amanda's 15th birthday at Disneyland the next day.

Best fish tacos ever!

Shopping at Oceanic Arts.

Bahooka in Rosemead, CA.

So much hanging from the ceiling and so many fish tanks at Bahooka!

Giving Rufus, the 32 year old fish a kiss.

Having a little down time at Bahooka.

Amanda liked her virgin drink.

Oh, Drew!

This is where we saw Brad Pitt.

Amanda loves both Elvis and the Beatles.

I love Mel's Drive-In.

Just as beautiful at night as during the day.

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