Seattle Tiki Bar Crawl and Home Tiki Bar Tour in the Fall

Here we are only 50 days until we hit the road for our Cali tiki road trip and I have already started planning the next tiki trip. This is still in the early stages, but my friend, Bill and I are already throwing ideas around. There is talks of getting about 10 people together to take the train up from Portland to Seattle, all stay together in a hotel near Seattle Center, have a tiki bar crawl one day and a tiki home bar tour the next day. If you are interested in joining in let me know.


Anonymous said...

I'd be up for it, I lived there and know lots of people - Professor Knowledge has a tiki bar, but I don't know of anyone else with a home tiki bar.


kimmy kupcakes said...

We already got a few set up. We are keeping it small. 10 ppl in all from Portland to get together with about 10 ppl in Seattle. I will let know Bill know to add you to the list. BTW, he is having a party at his house on the 27th. You should come.


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