What is This?

The other night while Drew and I were at Thatch, I noticed a little menehune sitting on one of the bottom shelves behind the bar. I asked Angi, my favorite Thatch bartender, if I could see it. She put it on the bar for me to take a look at. It was a menehune sitting next to a pineapple all made of ceramic. There were little holes poked in both the pineapple and in front of the menehune. I thought the holes were to place toothpicks into for food at parties. I have a wooden pineapple that is for that exact use. However, Angi though it was an earring holder. I asked, but where would the back of the earrings go. Wouldn't the earrings just fall right out without the backs. We couldn't figure out exactly what we thought it was. So, now I ask all of you, what is this?


Bill said...

I have two of those. I was told they are Hors d'oeuvre holders for snacks on tooth picks.

kimmy kupcakes said...

That's what I think they are, too.


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