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Before we get to Maui, that is.

We are packed, loaded with wedding supplies and accessories and waiting at the airport to board. We can't believe today is finally here! Finally the day we leave for Maui! Something we've been planning for over 2 years. Yes, 2 years! It's so exciting that in under an hour we will be on our plane heading towards the island of Maui. 

Packed and ready to go.

However, before we go, there are some pretty important women in my life and need to give a shout out to. Most of you don't know, but over the course of wedding planning I met some fabulous ladies on the Destination Wedding and Hawaii boards on The Knot. I even became one of the moderators for the destination board. It's been so much fun getting to know these ladies and plan along side them. I've made some amazing friendships that I know I will always have. 

One of the traditions on the destination board is to leave a last post before you leave for your wedding. It gives brides a chance to give shout-outs and thank yous to all the ladies who were helpful during her planning before she runs off to get married. Since The Knot is known to be glitchy and wanting to make sure all of these wonderful ladies we this post, I decided to post it here, as well. 

To all of the amazing and supportive women of the destination board: 

How can this be? How can I possibly be making my last post?! OMG!!! My last post!!! Before getting married!!!

I can’t believe I am about to get on a plane to jet off to paradise with my sweetie to get married. This has been such a long time in the making and even though sometimes it felt like 07.07.12 would never get here, it also got here much quicker than I could have ever imagined! I can’t wait to be back on Maui with my toes in the sand and a topical cocktail in hand. Of course, that cocktail’s going to have to wait until after the ceremony. 

I’m so glad I stalked Sarah on to this board after she mentioned it on the Hawaii board so long ago. I’ve met some of the most amazing ladies here and it’s been a pleasure planning aside each and every one of you. Honestly, I don’t know how I would have gotten through all of my planning without each of you. I am truly going to miss planning with all of you after the wedding. At least, I will get a bit more time with the at home reception. I have no words to express how thankful I am to have stalked my way over to this board and to have had such an awesome support system when things have felt more than crazy! 

To the ladies who I have watched already say, “I do.” (Brea, Sarah, Heather, Kayla, Monica, Sam, Jen, Jenn, Lindsay, Jen, Leslie, Lyn, Jess, Angela, Emily, Jennifer, Rhonda, Shannon, Angela and so many more!)- Thank you for all of your inspiration along the way and sharing all of your wedding details with all of us. I wish you all long healthy amazing marriages! 

To all the ladies who are still planning their weddings (Lora, Brit, Faith, Trudy, Cathy, Kaylin, Diana, Amber, Stef, Rachael and even more!)- The remaining time you have is going to fly! I swear I just posted I was finally at 1 year and here I am getting married this week! Enjoy every minute you have of planning the wedding of YOUR dreams. I can’t wait to hear all about how your weddings went and to see those pictures! Good luck with everything and make sure to get as many of those DIY projects done as soon as possible. Seriously, I’m not kidding around about getting them done early. 

To my Hawaii ladies- Brea, Sarah, Heather, Jen, Jenn, Lyn and Jess- I have so enjoyed planning along side each of you not only on this board, but the Hawaii board, as well. I’ve loved sharing ideas with all of you and learning so much more about where to eat (very important) and what to do (second important to eating) while on Maui. Sarah and Brea because of you, Drew and I discovered our favorite place on Maui and we plan on doing our TTD there! 

Lindsay- Thank you for always being there and relating to you know what. Just think of the stories we will be able to share with each other through our marriages. At least we got a great entertainment factor! 

Jenn- Do you have your tickets to my wedding? And a HUGE gift for me? If you expect to be feed, you better have a really BIG present. No a bag of wine isn’t big. Besides, I already have that covered as your wedding favor. 

Jen- I’ve loved seeing all of your DIY projects come together and getting to help you on them a bit. You better bring your wedding dress to Vegas and not your reception dress. No cheating!!!

Sam- I've loved modding the board with you and having our wedding so close together with Jen. It's been so fun having our weddings one right after the other!

Lora-  I’m counting on you to keep this wild bunch under control while I’m away. I know you’ve got what it takes to take anyone down, if need be. 

Britt- Are you done with all of your DIY projects, yet? I think it might be time to cut some more! You’ve done a great job managing the Knottie Knot. Know it’s greatly appreciated. As well as helping me out at times when I needed a buffer on the board. ;)

Cathy- I think you can take all those counters down now.... 

Nicole, Trudy, Stef and Rachel- I feel like I am still getting to know the four of you, but what I know so far is awesome! I greatly appreciate the four of you stepping up and taking on some of the DW board responsibilities. Many of us will be counting on you to carry on all the DW traditions that have become so important to all of us. 

I know I am forgetting people… Please know that even if you aren’t mentioned by name, you are appreciated and thought of as I write this. You are all absolutely amazing! I couldn’t have gotten through all of this without each of you. All of the support from this board is the best. You all mean so much to me! It’s been such a privilege getting to be one of your moderators for the past 9 or so months and getting to help when needed. From the bottom of my heart, thank you all for everything! I can only hope I have helped you out half as much as you have all helped me. LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU ALL!!! XOXOX


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LOVE reading your blog!! This is so sweet! Congratulations again!!!

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