Portland Wedding Celebration Food- Check!

On Sunday we went out to the Sake One members party I had talked about over the weekend and got some great Hawaiian grinds. 808 Grinds was serving up not only items off their regular meal, but also little bits using their regular menu items in new ways. Exactly what we were thinking of doing with the food for the at home reception. We will for sure be booking them to make some of the food to add to what we will also be preparing. Bring on the tidbits and pupus for our at home reception!

Sorry, the food was so good and we were so hungry, we barely took pictures. 

As you can see from the shower, tidbits and pups really are cute. And who doesn't want cute food for their reception. Ok, sure... Maybe not EVERYONE. I guess some people would want elegant food, but not us. We are all about the cute.

Plus the convince of it all. It's much easier to eat little bites of food that don't require utensils that you can just stick in your mouth in a bite or two. Hey, I've got a small mouth I need to take two bites. Sometimes even three to other's one. Oops, squirrel! What I was trying to say is finger foods are the way to go for convince.

We will be taking what we love about Hawaiian grinds, think plate lunch, and shrinking it all down. Like that attraction they use to have at Disneyland, Adventure Thru Inner Space, that shrunk you down to an atom and seriously scared the you know what out of me that I was going to stay that size forever! Only, not that small. It'd be ridiculous to have food that small. Everyone would be hungry again, in a second. Think more like mini kalua pork sandwiches, potstickers and so much more I don't want to tell you to ruin the surprise! All little bites of food. Perfect for a reception after lunch and before dinner.

There will also be a little food station that we are really excited about, but that's a post for another day! I know, I'm a tease. I just don't want to give away all of the fun at one time.

Have you figured out what kind of food you will be serving at your reception? What did you decide on?

All photos are personal photos.

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