Let's Get Organized!

Organized! I wanna get Organized!

When I first started off wedding planning, I put together a binder for myself. That didn't last long. It now sits with some lone printouts in it and never gets any love. Really, what was I thinking? A binder? Who uses those things anymore? It's now all about the technology we have.

In case you do want to use a binder, I suggest making one for yourself. Wedding binders can be pretty expensive. I picked up a plain binder from Target and made my own. I got a 1 and a 1/2 inch binder with a fun mid-century modern inspired design on it. Lots of red starbursts! Then I filed it with dividers separating them into different sections- To Do, Reception, etc. You get the idea, right? I printed up some different things to put in there, referred back to it once or twice and then I was done. I then moved on to using a UBS flash drive, my handy dandy wedding notebook and a wedding planning website I made for myself. Much easier and way more convenient.

On the USB flash drive I created folders to keep everything organized- Completed Projects, Contracts, Invitations, etc. Every time I got something new, I put in it's designated folders. Things I was actively working on I had out of the folders so I could easily reference them and always remembered exactly what it was that I was working on. The great thing about this was that I could easily slip my USB drive in my purse or pocket and take it with me everywhere.

Some times I just want to write things down and make lists by hand. For that I have my handy dandy wedding notebook. I carry this around with me too whenever I am meeting with vendors or doing wedding shopping. It comes in quite HANDY to be able to scribe things into it quickly.

My Handy Dandy Wedding Notebook! Yes, I pretty much think our wedding logo looks great on everything. 

I built my wedding planning site with Weebly. It was super easy, free and a great way to share information with others. This was used in a big way to organize all of my inspiration and figure out exactly what I had all figured out through pictures. It's been a great tool to reference back to, as well.

Notice the rainbow at the top? Its for that Hawaiian rainbow I love so much.

How did you get organized for your wedding?

All photos are personal photos.

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