The One Were Our Wedding Budget Crashes & Burns!

Three months ago Drew got laid off from his job. It sucked and it affected our budget, but we've been making it through it. I've been watching our cash flow, making payments and staying on top of all of our monthly bills. However, we were not able to put any money aside for the wedding during that time. When we found out the he would be going back to work at the beginning of March we were so happy and relieved that we'd have enough to afford our wedding. Or so we though.

Yesterday, I got some pretty bad news. My daughter's dad is now losing his job and with that, we will be losing the child support that comes from him. Not to mention that she has oral surgery coming up in April and he won't be paying for his half. So we are exactly back to where we were with a fat oral surgery bill on top of it. AWESOME!!! <<< That's sarcasm in case you weren't sure.


I went through our wedding budget and cut as much as I could. Not that there was a lot to cut because we were already having a budget wedding. There are no flowers or anything like that. But, I did cut out things like getting my wedding band. We can just use my engagement ring. We can get a band at a later date. I cut as much as I could.

It's not like it would be easy to cancel or postpone a destination wedding when all of our guests have already purchased their tickets. They would lose too much for us to do that. We've also already paid for a lot that we wouldn't be able to get the money back on and would lose so much from. So what are we to do?

That's a really good question and we are nowhere near having an answer. I went though our budget and we will only have half the amount that we will need in July. How are we going to pay for the other half? It makes my stomach drop just thinking about it and not having an answer. Hopefully, one will come to us soon.

While planning for your wedding did anything happen that affected your wedding budget? What did you do to meet your wedding budget requirements?


Love Of The Hunt said...

Sell your tiki mugs...its what I do when I am in a money crunch. Good luck!

kimmy kupcakes said...

Ouch! That idea made me hurt. But, I can understand doing it if really needed.

Lora said...

So sorry to hear this! I was planning on using my tax return for our wedding fund and actually have to pay in. My fiance has worked some overtime so we've used that to make up the difference. So not cool!

kimmy kupcakes said...

Hope it all works out for both of us!


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