For the Keikis

Alright, maybe there's only one keiki. For those of you who don't know, keiki is Hawaiian for child. Regardless, if there's only one or many, we still wanted to do something special for him.

Drew and I don't plan on having any children together, most of our friends have also decided not to have any children or have older children, like my daughter, that are almost out of the house. Because of this, we aren't around a lot of children. However, one of my best friends and her husband do have a young child and they will all be coming to our wedding.

Even though he will be the only child at our wedding, I wanted to make sure that we wouldn't get overlooked and would be happy to be there. We picked up some special things just for his out of town bag. Some of them we even got on Maui. Like the coloring book Hawaiian Kids, that I use to have when I was little. Not only does it have great vintage graphics, it also teaches to speak Hawaiian. I think both him and his mom will love it.

Coloring book, stamps, stickers, crayons and stencils should keep him happy!

We also looked into a keiki meal for him at the wedding reception. His mom let us know that really wasn't necessary though since he doesn't eat a lot, would be happy with bread and cake and not to waste our money. Ok, then. Money saved! Don't worry, there will also be some fruit at the cocktail hour for him. And a huge feast at the luau later that day.

We think that these extra items just for him will help keep him happy and make him feel special. What do you think?

Did you do anything just for the keikis at your wedding?

All photos are personal photos.


11ace said...

Love this idea! My fiance has three little nieces and nephews so I'm trying to come up with fun things for them for the airplane trip (first time for them) and the beach (first time too!)

kimmy kupcakes said...

It was fun to put this together. I also got crayons in the shape of shells and the book Good Night Hawaii.

Honey Graham said...

You guys totally rock! And "B" is an original "Tiki Tot"! <3


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