Hawaii- The Rainbow State

Drew- I'd suggest that you DO NOT READ this post! I repeat, DO NOT READ this post!!!

When moisture is in the air and sunshine mixes with it in just the right combination, the magical phenomenon of a rainbow occurs. Hawaii is known as the Rainbow State because of the frequency with which these vibrant, radiant rainbows appear. Rainbows arch over Hawaii's valleys, cliffs and beaches like beacons welcoming locals and visitors, alike. When we were on Maui we did not have one drop of rain and sadly, didn't get to see any rainbows.

I'll admit it; there is a part of me wishing for a little rain on our wedding day. Not a lot, but just enough for a gorgeous rainbow.  I would love photos of us newly married with a beautiful rainbow in the background. Plus, seeing a rainbow on your wedding day is considered good luck. So is rain.

Beautiful Hawaiian rainbow

Since Hawaii is the Rainbow State, I wanted to try and figure out some ideas to incorporate rainbows into our wedding day. Of course, there is using the song Somewhere Over the Rainbow It's a Wonderful Word by Iz, but I wanted more. I searched on-line and looked through Pinterest trying to come up with some simple, but fun ideas. Since we already have two bright wedding colors, have tropical flowers through out and are already doing a bunch of fun stuff for the wedding and days leading up to it I wanted to come up with something that would be really easy. Through my search I found some pretty great ideas.

Rainbow wedding cake and rainbow cake in a jar favors! Yes, please! But, we already have a delicious cake all planned for the wedding. And we don't need anymore favors. We've got lots for both the wedding and Portland celebration. I'd say those would be great for a party though. Maybe a future anniversary party. Or even a wedding shower. Read that, shower hosts?

Love this idea!

What's not to love about a rainbow wedding cake?

I also found a couple food and drink ideas. Of course, we already have all of our drinks figured out and the food, too. We actually even have a different kind of fruit skewer that we will be having. How would of thunk?

Another great reason for a rainbow anniversary party- a Double Rainbow Cocktail.

Maybe for the Portland Celebration.

Then I found some fun fashion ideas. Rainbow wedding party, anyone? Wonderful idea for a Hawaii wedding! But, we don't have a full wedding party and our little party we do have, already has all of their dresses. Which are fantastic, I might add! (A post for another day.)

Now that's a Hawaiian rainbow!

I came across a really cute idea on Weddingbee for a rainbow garter. Now that's something I could do. An easy DIY project and something that's subtle, but fun. It's certainly a possibility.

I'd like to see those colors just a little bit brighter.

Oh and rainbow petticoats! Now that's all kinds of fun! Something that others wouldn't even know I had under my dress unless I was to lift it up. Just think of the photo opportunities that could create! Now the wheels of inspiration are turning....

All the pretty colors.

Are you doing anything to incorporate what state you are getting married in for your wedding?

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